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January 20, 2010

A turning point

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Republican Scott Brown wins the “Kennedy seat” in Massachusetts.   Rasmussen reports that he won over independents 73/25.  Democratic heads are exploding all over the fruited plain.  I can’t wipe the silly grin off my face.

I could go into great detail about how completely unprecedented this is, but those who are paying attention already know.  Interesting to me will be how Obama/Pelosi/Reid but especially the Blue Dogs in the House and Senate will respond. 

Scenario A:  They will continue, kamikaze-style, to push through with their ultra-liberal policies (govt. run healthcare, cap and trade) by passing the Senate version of healthcare or delaying Brown’s seating.  They’ll claim that the MA election defeat of Coakley is due to the voters’ “misunderstandings” or their “oppositon for opposition’s sake.”  To which I say, go right ahead and do just that.  Further insult the intelligence of We the People.  Continue to call us “teabaggers” and characterize us as ignorant and uneducated.  Because the more they do, the more they imperil themselves in midterms and in 2012.  Recall, just last week our own Ben Nelson faced the wrath of NE voters as they booed him out of a pizzaria in Omaha.  I’m sure he’s remembering that about now, too.

Scenario B:  Obama will come to his senses and move to the middle, scrap this wildly unpopular piece of crap healthcare legislation, and start over.

I have a hard time envisioning Obama moving to the middle.  I simply don’t know if he’s capable of it.  I think he’s so innately statist and ideological that it would almost be humanly impossible for him to do it.  But think for a moment what must be running through his head right now.  

Here he is, on the one year anniversary of his Inauguration, with the big State of the Union speech looming, and he just got b***h-slapped by voters in traditionally blue MASSACHUSETTS.  While the state-run media will attempt to spin Coakley’s defeat soleley on Coakley herself (of which she did play a tremendous part), they will suddenly forget that it was Obama himself who went to MA to campaign for her and to himself make the election, in large part, about healthcare and a referendum on his agenda.  (Scott Brown, too, made his opposition to this version of healthcare reform a central tenet of his campaign–something the voters obviously approved.)

The far-left is angry with him for a variety of reasons (one of which being he’s not left enough), and he’s completely losing independents because he’s too far left.  Unemployment is still in double digits, and virtually every industry in the private sector has a big target painted on its back by the Obama administration, and by extension, anyone who works in the private sector.  The Blue Dogs are already running scared, and the Republicans (thanks to the huge grassroots Tea Party movement) now have the momentum.  Every shred of reason in a person’s brain would be shouting, “Reverse course!  Steer to the middle!”  That’s what Clinton did.

But something tells me that this won’t happen with Barack Obama.  (I will eat my words if I must.)  Never, I don’t think, have we had as President such a complete and total narcissist.  Obama has placed all his chips on healthcare reform (with the full-blown, statist power and control that would come with it), and to scrap it now would irreparably damage his ego, and he knows it.  Govt. run healthcare is the easiest and best way for him to implement his statist goals for this country, and he will cling to it for as long as he is able.   It goes beyond saving face for him; it is a matter of self-preservation.

But for now, let’s all bask in the glow of this huge victory of liberty over tyranny.  Thank you, people of Massachusetts.

UPDATE:  A simply devastating rebuttal to the David Brooks’ of the world.  A must-read.  (It’s quite short and to the point.)

UPDATE 2:  Here’s a good post-election analysis, courtesy of Ed Morrissey.

January 12, 2010

On “nesting”

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I’ve talked it over with other moms, and many of us have come to the conclusion that we hate–actually even loathe–the term “nesting.”   For those who might not have heard the term, it is used to describe the actions of late-in-pregnancy women who are are suddenly stricken with the urge to clean the entire house top-to-bottom or engage in other tasks such as updating existing childrens’ baby books, putting photos in the album, washing the drapery, etc…The term suggests a purely biological, instinctual set of behaviors that overcomes a woman about to give birth with no actual conscious thought on her part.  In other words, we’re blindly preparing the nest for the new offspring.  A bumbling mother hen always comes to mind when I hear the term. 

I humbly assert that there’s nothing unconscious about it.  I like to think of it as “thinking ahead,” “being practical,” or “preparing for total life disruption.”   

I’m not sure if this is a universal thing or not, but I’ll just say that when I casually mention to a person that I’m going to prepare a few casseroles to freeze for when the baby comes, and that person immediately assumes that smug, knowing, and slightly condescending look before stating smarmily that, “Someone’s NESTING!” I have to exercise superhuman restraint in not shouting back at them, “ACTUALLY, I REALIZE THAT IN JUST A FEW WEEKS I’LL BE COMPLETELY RESPONSIBLE FOR MEETING ANOTHER HUMAN BEING’S EVERY WHIM, DAY AND NIGHT, IN ADDITION  TO THOSE OF THE TWO CHILDREN I ALREADY HAVE.  I AM PREPARING SOME SIMPLE MEALS TO MAKE LIFE A LITTLE EASIER.  I’M NOT NESTING, I’M EXERCISING SOME GRAY MATTER.”  

Thank you, I feel much better now.

January 8, 2010

Bra color and awareness

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Just have to write this here or explode. 

Facebook–it is probably the thing that has the most grown-ups acting like teenagers that I’ve ever encountered.  Yes, I am on Facebook.  Yes, it’s a good way to spread information and to keep in touch.  And yes, it’s a good way to waste countless hours of your time and to realize that we’re all just a bunch of sub-moronic adolescents who can’t seem to break away from the high school mentality. 

NOTE:  This applies much more to some than to others.  And yes, I am venting.

Yesterday people were writing colors for their status updates.  

(For those of you smart individuals out there who are not Facebook users, a status update is just that: an update someone writes about what they’re doing, what’s on their mind at that particular moment, etc…Yes, this can turn for many into a minute-by-minute account of the most mundane and personal activities imaginable.  TMI comes to mind more than once.)

Many (like me) were left to wonder what this was all about, and then I found out that it was another one of those absolutely worthless ploys to “raise awareness for breast cancer” shenanigans by posting the color of the bra you were sporting that day.  First of all, can I say how retarded this is?  I can see this being a popular activity back in junior high.  Secondly, is anyone else out there completely sick and tired of the words “raising awareness”?  You know what, I think we’re all plenty “aware” of breast cancer by now.  And coincidentally, being “aware” of breast cancer does nothing, really, about it.  And posting the color of the bra you’re wearing to raise “awareness” will do nothing to combat breast cancer. 

Yes, I realize it’s all in good fun.  But I still think it’s retarded.

And, in case anyone really wanted to know:  Dingy, grayish white with portions of pale yellow.  I feel so much more aware now, don’t you?

December 20, 2009

Ben “Dover” Nelson

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Lone Senate healthcare holdout Ben Nelson of NE, (that’s my state) has sold out the 67% of Nebraskans who strongly oppose govt. run healthcare by signing on for cloture.  Every man has his price, and it looks like Ben is joining Mary Landrieu in accepting a huge chunk of change in exchange for a gigantic pile of crap.  Thanks, Ben.  Oh, and by the way, you’re history.  Nebraskans will not forget this next election. 

The worst part?  The abortion language can easily be overturned by Congress should they fail to renew the Hyde amendment for just one year.  (The Hyde Amendment, you’ll recall, prohibits federal funding of abortions.)  Bart Stupak vows he’ll fight for the same wording as in the House bill, but I’m growing ever more cynical.  I’m sure Reid’s coming up with another huge windfall for MI as I write. 

An interesting proposition I’ve seen a few other places:  How stupid do the other on-board Democrat senators feel for not holding out for large amounts of money for their respective states?

December 15, 2009

Thank you, Mark Steyn

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For this:

The Obama speechwriting team don’t seem to realize that. They seem to be the last guys on the planet in love with the sound of his voice and their one interminable tinny tune with its catchpenny hooks. The usual trick is to position their man as the uniquely insightful leader pitching his tent between two extremes no sane person has ever believed: “There are those who say there is no evil in the world. There are others who argue that pink fluffy bunnies are the spawn of Satan and conspiring to overthrow civilization.  Let me be clear: I believe people of goodwill on all sides can find common ground between the absurdly implausible caricatures I attribute to them on a daily basis. We must begin by finding the courage to acknowledge the hard truth that I am living testimony to the power of nuance to triumph over hard truth and come to the end of the sentence on a note of sonorous, polysyllabic, if somewhat hollow, uplift. Pause for applause.

From this.

Again, Mr. Steyn, thank you.  And, I love you.

December 14, 2009

31 weeks

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I don’t know that I’ve formally announced this here:  I am pregnant and now on the home stretch. 

I know I’m on the home stretch for several reasons:  My face, along with my arms, legs, ankles, and back–yes, I said back–are looking pregnant, too.  Pregnancy has always been a total body experience for me.  Despite the fact that I try to stick to a 2 mile a day walking regimen, my body has decided to reward that effort with swollen extremities and all-over gushiness.  If you happen to be one of those women who fails to look pregnant even in the third trimester except from the side, I hate you.  (I’m just kidding, sort of.) 

The only consolation I have is that it is bitterly cold, and I need not wear anything that exposes any of my pasty and dimpled form.  I am sure this is of great consolation to others, as well.

I did recently indulge in the one activity that is every pregnant woman’s best friend:  Swimming.  Buoyancy is a wonderful thing when you are carrying around an extra 25 pounds.  We were staying at a hotel, and I threw caution to the wind and decided that I would swim with the family despite the horrors of donning a bathing suit.  I hurriedly ditched my t-shirt and slipped into the water as quickly as possible.  The water was wonderful, and I was sluicing around happily, feeling delightfully weightless and unfettered.  It was at this point that David pointed to the deep end of the pool, and to the sign affixed to the wall above it:  “Underwater viewing from restaurant.”  I came to the horrifying realization that I was still, in fact, visible to people.  And these poor people–who were trying to ingest food–were subjected to the sight of a very pregnant person floating around the water, rather like a manatee, also aptly known as a “sea cow.”

I won’t go into how weird I think it is to have such a thing as a window in a pool, but I did make swift departure after this discovery.

December 10, 2009

Right analogy, wrong application, Mr. Reid

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GOP opposition to ObamaCare is not like supporting slavery in the 19th century, as Mr. Reid contends.  (Those were, after all, Democrats.) 

Rather, it’s about opposition to being enslaved by the federal government, who would have the ability to control every aspect of our lives should nationalized healthcare become a reality. 

Another gem from editorial cartoonish Michael Ramirez, who once again captures the truth of the matter perfectly:

December 9, 2009


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I reserve the right to rant here on my blog.  Okay, so this might not qualify as a full-blown rant, but you get the idea.

I’ve been noticing it more frequently:  The seemingly random pronunciation changes made to various words by those (generally) in the media and not precluding our own president.  Glenn Beck mentioned this on his show last week with Stu and Pat.  (I’m trying to track down the audio of this–it was funny.) 

Here’s the follow-up rant–also very funny.

Example:  Some are calling the hypocritical and farcical climate conference site “Copen-HAH-gen.”  For Obama, it’s “Pok-ee-ston” instead of Pakistan.  It’s also “Tol-ee-bon” for Taliban.  (But yet, he still says Afghani-STAN.”  Hmm.  Stu’s conclusion:  It’s nothing more than a verbal bow.  I think he’s probably right.)  Alex Trebek is one of those who fall prey to this pronunciation snobbery quite frequently.  For that notable, it’s not the South American country, Chile, (generally pronounced by Americans as chili, like the pepper) but “CHEE-lay.”   (Aside:  Has anyone else noticed how smug–and almost tongue-clickily schoolmarmish–Trebek gets when none of the three contestants knows the answer, er, question?  David:  “Yeah, it’s real easy to sound smart when you’ve got the cards right there in front of you, Alex.”)   It’s no longer Osama, but Usama.    And so on and so forth.

Look, I realize that we pronounce words incorrectly all the time, and being a bit of a pronunciation snob myself, I’m not immune.  I hate to admit it, but it did rather bother me when Bush said “nu-cu-lar” instead of “nu-clee-ar.”  But here’s the difference:  Bush was staying true to his roots–he wasn’t trying to sound smart, and I think the others are trying to sound smart. 

There’s something rather pretentious about all these smarter than thou types slipping from their usual American-English pronunciations of words to all out r-rolling mid-sentence.  Hint:  It makes you feel smart, but sound dumb to those of us who are onto you.  Yeah, we get it.  You’re right; it is probably “Chee-lay.”  But I’m an English-speaking American from Nebraska, and I’m going to continue to say “Chili.”  And I expect any news anchor to say “Ne-BRAS-ka” and not “Ne-BRA-ska.” 

Besides, according to the Danish, it’s actually prounounced something like “coopen-hown.”  I’ve just confirmed the existence of language elitists who are also morons. 

Feels good.

December 8, 2009

The hype, confirmed.

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Study: At Its Worst, H1N1 Only Slightly More Serious Than Seasonal Flu

At the risk of sounding terribly smug, I point to the above and say, “I told you so.” 

No, I did not receive the vaccine, even though I am in my third trimester of pregnancy and have small children–and thus squarely in one of the primary high-risk categories.  I will look forward to the next manufactured crisis and prepare to be further underwhelmed.

October 23, 2009

Krauthammer nails it

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Fox Wars

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