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May 25, 2010

they just don’t make Cliff Huxtables anymore

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I’ve obviously been neglecting the blog since Amelia’s birth, for myriad obvious reasons.  I’ve discovered that, due to my type A personality and my inability to cope with chaos and disorganization, sitting down to type a post is on the bottom of the to-do list.  But I do miss it; as much as I need stability (and the family needs their laundry done and a meal on the table) I also need the release that venting via writing provides. 


Lately we’ve been getting DVDs of The Cosby Show from Netflix.  The kids love it, and as we now longer have any TV channels, before bed we’ll all sit down and watch an episode or two.   I grew up with the show but love it for different reasons now.  I really haven’t found a current sitcom that is family-friendly without being cheesy or funny without resorting to crude, sexual humor.  It is, in fact, possible.  Let me know if I’m missing any, but even if there is a truly family-friendly show on tv these days, the commercials sometimes make up for it.  That’s why I’m not feeling the sudden loss of our three channels too keenly. 

(Plus, there’s great entertainment value in Cliff’s sweaters and Vanessa’s hair…)

One of my all-time favorite Cosby clips is from Independence Day, when Theo gets an earring

Just a great show.

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