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December 20, 2009

Ben “Dover” Nelson

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Lone Senate healthcare holdout Ben Nelson of NE, (that’s my state) has sold out the 67% of Nebraskans who strongly oppose govt. run healthcare by signing on for cloture.  Every man has his price, and it looks like Ben is joining Mary Landrieu in accepting a huge chunk of change in exchange for a gigantic pile of crap.  Thanks, Ben.  Oh, and by the way, you’re history.  Nebraskans will not forget this next election. 

The worst part?  The abortion language can easily be overturned by Congress should they fail to renew the Hyde amendment for just one year.  (The Hyde Amendment, you’ll recall, prohibits federal funding of abortions.)  Bart Stupak vows he’ll fight for the same wording as in the House bill, but I’m growing ever more cynical.  I’m sure Reid’s coming up with another huge windfall for MI as I write. 

An interesting proposition I’ve seen a few other places:  How stupid do the other on-board Democrat senators feel for not holding out for large amounts of money for their respective states?


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