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October 9, 2009

Obama wins Nobel Prize for Peace: Not a joke

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I just woke up, poured myself a cup of coffee, sat down at the computer, and saw the headline that the weak-kneed, narcissistic, speech-making, socialist, America-condemning, terrorist-appeasing man-child neophyte of a president was just awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace–and spit out the first swallow of joe all over my laptop.

Unbelievable. If I didn’t laugh uproariously, I’d cry.

 If it hadn’t before, the Nobel Prize has now most definitely achieved irrelevance. 

 As Rick Moran writes, “Sometimes, an event occurs that is so sublimely ridiculous that it becomes a parody of itself.”

That is what we have, here. 

Keep in mind, too, that he was nominated for this distinguished award just two weeks after taking office.

 Here, by the way, is the sad new criteria for the Nobel Peace Prize, courtesy of Feed Your ADHD:

Sit for 20 years in the pew of a church with a pastor that says “God Damn America” and deny you never new about his dangerous and subversive hate speech.

Ignore the man you picked to lead a “war of necessity” and endlessly debate whether to unleash a surge of troops or pull out, while the troops who volunteered to defend your way of life die.

Release 78 terrorists from Gitmo, where they couldn’t hurt anyone, into the wild so they can turn around and plot evil schemes to kill you and the people you purport to lead.

Give millions to known terrorist organizations, like Hamas.

Go to the U.N. and call for a new world order that ignores nation sovereignty.

Refuse to salute the flag, on stage, in public.

Stop wearing an American flag lapel pin because it has become a “substitute for true” patriotism.

Bow to a muzzie king whose country has secretly funded global jihadist anti-American terrorism for decades.

Sit silent while a murdering Marxist dictator lambastes the United States for nearly an hour.

Stick your head so far up the rear-ends of two other murdering Marxist dictators, Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, you taste their food before they do.

Start disarming your country’s nuclear stockpile and stop missile defense plans while turning your back against a rogue nation that murders its own protesting citizens and denies the Holocaust and threatens to wipe your ally off the face of the map and tells lies that their uranium enrichment program is only for purposes of nuclear power.

Say your country has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive toward its allies, then turn around and show arrogance and be dismissive, even derisive toward its allies.


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