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August 14, 2009

Sarah Palin: taking no prisoners, UPDATED


Ridiculed for her critique on Obamacare and for using the phrase “death panels” in describing section 1233 of House Bill 3200, it appears that her criticism was well-founded.  Yesterday section 1233, which authorized end-of-life counseling for elderly patients, was stripped from the bill by the Senate Finance Committee.  

Dr. Ezekial Emanuel (brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel) loudly criticized Palin for her words and denied section 1233 existed.  Palin said on her Facebook page:

The rationing system proposed by one of President Obama’s key health care advisors is particularly disturbing. I’m speaking of the “Complete Lives System” advocated by Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the brother of the president’s chief of staff. President Obama has not yet stated any opposition to the “Complete Lives System,” a system which, if enacted, would refuse to allocate medical resources to the elderly, the infirm, and the disabled who have less economic potential. [1] Why the silence from the president on this aspect of his nationalization of health care? Does he agree with the “Complete Lives System”? If not, then why is Dr. Emanuel his policy advisor? What is he advising the president on? I just learned that Dr. Emanuel is now distancing himself from his own work and claiming that his “thinking has evolved” on the question of rationing care to benefit the strong and deny the weak. [2] How convenient that he disavowed his own work only after the nature of his scholarship was revealed to the public at large.


Kudos to Palin, and the general public for being so informed on what is actually in the health care bills and for not allowing themselves to be silenced by the bullies.  Democracy in action is a beautiful thing.

It doesn’t strike me as a particularly “good idea” to allow a government panel of bureaucrats–whose main stated purpose in this instance is to cut costs–to counsel Grandma on her end-of-life decisions.  It strikes me as a conflict of interest; and, as Obama himself stated, wouldn’t she just be better off taking the pain medicine?  Pain meds are considerably cheaper than life-saving surgery, to be sure. 

I call it a bad idea. 


Guiliani agrees.

The mainstream, state-run media is continuing their quest to portray the Americans showing up at townhalls with their questions and concerns about the healthcare bills as fringe, swastika-wearing, racist mobs.  In light of this, I–for once in my life–agree with something Hillary Clinton has said:

The hysteria by the leftist media is hilarious, especially considering the fact that they made a movie that advocated the assassination of Bush, among many actually documented instances of leftists carrying Bush=Hitler signs decorated with swastikas.  The hypocrisy is palpable.  Oh, how they forget…

The media is also busily blaming Rush Limbaugh for, well, everything, but amazingly fail to recall that it was Ms. Nancy Pelosi who first compared the townhall protestors to Nazis.  This was last week.

A must-read article:  Nazis for Me, but Not for Thee

An excerpt:

[In responding to Pelosi’s statement, Rush] repeatedly and explicitly qualified that no one was saying Obama was Hitler, that Pelosi was Goebbels, or that the Democrats were engaged in the genocidal barbarity of the Third Reich. The comparison he drew was a substantive one: between the Democrats’ proposal for socialized medicine and the German installation of socialized medicine beginning with Bismarck and reaching its shocking apotheosis with Hitler’s National Socialism. (A transcript of what he actually contended is here, and his website has other relevant transcripts, since the argument was reiterated other times during the week.) The point was to show that if Pelosi wanted to engage in Nazi comparisons, the health-care policies of Nazi Germany had far more in common with the health-care policies of the Democrats than with those of the conservative opposition, which wants health care kept private and reforms to be market-based.




  1. This is precisely why our form of government is so precious. Our freedoms of press, assembly and speech, for which tens of thousands have died, are the hallmarks of our society in these times.

    These are the times that open debate and assembly bring out the facts, the ideas, the creativity and frankly the position of the people of this great country.

    We don’t and shouldn’t wait for an election because elections should not be single issue votes. Our representative need to understand how we feel about issues.

    They need to be present and listen. To those who have stepped back and decided not to meet personally — voters should think twice about their re-election.

    To those that have stood up infront of their constituents, taken the heat and re-evaluated their positions — kudos.

    To those that have not re-evaluated based on the desires of their constituents, can you call yourself a representative? Can you truly vote in Congress on BEHALF of your district or state?

    If you would like to follow the health care debate and other health care delivery issues go to

    Comment by Health care -- how do we move forward — August 14, 2009 @ 9:06 am |Reply

  2. The Clinton video was especially relevant for me today!!!! thank you!!! Always a good dose of politics for me.

    Comment by Tim Williams — August 20, 2009 @ 1:04 pm |Reply

  3. Hey, couldn’t find a comment address so I’m writing this here. Please come and join us at– link to your blog posts there and we’ll send you conservative blog traffic. Help us build a conservative activist network before the all-important senate elections!

    Also, you should warn people before even MENTIONING Pelosi.

    Comment by rightriot — August 23, 2009 @ 3:59 am |Reply

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