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July 1, 2009

Just say no to Obamacare–your child’s life may depend on it

Don’t let looming Obamacare distract you from the more immediate “pile of s**t” bill known as cap and trade–the most massive energy tax ever undertaken in the history of our nation.  Contact your senator and let him know his ass is on the line should this pass.

But there are starting to be some good opposition videos emerging involving Obama’s quest to take over the private health industry, exposing the utter nightmare that will ensue should he get his way.  I must include them here.  See below.

Also, I saw this story last week about the Canadian preemie who was sent to the US for care due to a lack of beds in Canada.  Besides pointing out the obvious–Canada, whose socialized medicine cannot meet the demands of her sick and injured–it makes me wonder where these little babies will go once the US begins rationing healthcare should Obama get his way.   Here’s a great article exploring this as well:  What will happen to Canada’s preemies?


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  1. I find the cap and trade particularly disturbing. It’s crossing a line we’ve tried so hard not to cross.

    Comment by Erin — July 7, 2009 @ 10:44 am |Reply

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