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June 19, 2009

Enough’s enough

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Sorry for the sparse blogging of late.  Suddenly summer has sprung into action, and between being outside with my gardens, kids’ activities, weddings, and life in general, and a sudden hearkening back to the sleeping in summer days of my adolescence, blogging has taken a vacation, too.

Not that there’s nothing about which to write; on the contrary.  The Iranian sham election and Obama’s silence on it (as Rep. Pences said, “Reagan didn’t tell Gorbechov, “That wall is none of our business,”) the ever-rising unemployment rate, the still-spiraling economy (despite the stimulus),Obama’s Chicago thug politics shining through in his unjust firing of Americorp IG Walpin, and the state-run media’s upcoming ABC propaganda spot pushing Obamacare.  This last is particularly amazing.

ABC, now known as the “All Barack Channel,” is set to run an hour-long primetime special pushing Obama’s government-run healthcare scheme.  And no, there will be no opposing voices allowed.  Bye-bye to the old golden rule of objective journalism: Always present two sides to the story.  That is not important any longer. 

Again, all this goes back to the main principle of liberty:  If the govt. has too much power, then freedom is diminished.  There are some people out there who have the opinion that Americans will trade their liberties in order to be taken care of (not actually, by the way, no govt. can do that).  But that they will willingly forego individual liberty on the promise of govt.-granted security.  I still have faith, though, that the majority of Americans still feel the life-blood of freedom coursing through their veins, fought for and won by our predeccesors, and that the insidious nature of Obama’s quest for authoritarianism and total control will become too much for them to bear willingly. 

People all across America are waking up.  They see their freedoms being encroached upon, they see their children and grandchildrens’ futures being spent into oblivion, they see the unustainable spending going on and the wasting of their tax dollars, and they’re reaching their tipping point. 

More later…



  1. Check out this guy’s blog..he is a policy expert, not a pundit or politician. He is talking to people on the ground..the Iranians dont want us co-oping their revolution, that diminishes their power over their destiny. Even foreign relation experts agree (ie Baker,Kissinger) Obama must tread lightly. The Berlin Wall analogy is flawed..the wall was in Berlin, not the USSR. Let the Iranians own this, its theirs.

    Comment by elizabeth — June 19, 2009 @ 2:16 pm |Reply

  2. My God! Have you seen the reports coming out of Iran via Twitter and Facebook from these pro-democracy Iranians? They’re pleading for Obama to take a harder stand for them–for human rights, for democracy, for freedom!

    I was going to say that America has ALWAYS been the champion of freedom and democracy throughout the world–that is, until Obama became president. His practice of habitually trying to remain “above it all” by being neutral on such things is ridiculous. Does he stand for freedom for these Iranians or does he not?

    I could go on, but this column by Mark Steyn says it all…and more:

    “Neutrality isn’t an option”

    “The polite explanation for Barack Obama’s diffidence on Iran is that he doesn’t want to give the mullahs the excuse to say the Great Satan is meddling in Tehran’s affairs. So the president’s official position is that he’s modestly encouraged by the regime’s supposed interest in investigating some of the allegations of fraud. Also, he’s heartened to hear that OJ is looking for the real killers.”

    That’s the polite explanation. Read the others as well.

    Check out the pictures from the protestors. The regime is using daggers and axes on them. And all they did was wish to cast a vote in a legitimate election. But all Obama is doing is standing on the side of authoritarianism–right where he’s comfortable.

    Comment by lindyborer — June 20, 2009 @ 3:30 pm |Reply

  3. Go here for an extensive news feed on the chaos in Tehran. Caution: Very graphic.

    Comment by lindyborer — June 20, 2009 @ 3:43 pm |Reply

  4. It don’t doubt there are those on the ground who would like us or the UN to get more involved, and there are plenty that don’t want the US explicitly making gestures, foreign intervention has not work for them in the past. It appears cooler heads are prevailing stateside. Richard Lugar, Gary Sick, Henry Kissinger and other respected policy experts (from the right) believe Obama has said/done what he can. Like I said before, the pundits and politicians are making political hay out of this..attacking Obama for not doing anything, but never making a credible argument for doing something else..and what is that something else? What do you propose we do?

    I have seen the video from above and others, its heartbreaking. The sad thing is that this kind of stuff and even more evil stuff happens all over the globe, everyday… For some hope check out this site

    Comment by elizabeth — June 20, 2009 @ 11:10 pm |Reply

  5. Many doctors are very concerned. Many are talking about moving to other countries. Rather, many will lose the incentive to go down the long hard road and financial burden of becoming a doctor. There will be an increased shortage of doctors, and quality of doctors may decline. Doctors will lose control of what they can and cannot treat patients with. Instead the State or Single Payer will decide. Advanced technologies and treatments will be underutilized. And when they are, you will get in a long soup line for your knee MRI or your gamma knife brain surgery. 6 more months of crutches, delayed treatments, poorer outcomes.

    ABC sucks for doing a biased piece. And so does a single payer healthcare system, I fear. So much for my 14 years of training and debt just to have my returns marginalized and for clinicians to have their professional judgments to treat their patients usurped.

    Comment by Jon Hart — June 21, 2009 @ 10:24 am |Reply

  6. Elizabeth: Lugar wants to go full steam ahead with negotiations? With the murderous, dictatorial mullahs? As Ed Morrissey writes, “Stupidity is indeed bipartisan.” No offense.

    Why should we give credibility by talking with Ahmadinejad after his horrifying actions against peaceful protestors who are fighting for freedom and democracy?

    In this piece, Paul Kengor writes about the importance of support from Reagan and the Vatican (and of the US and the rest of the free world) of the Polish people fighting against communism. Our strong vocal support, led by Reagan (who coined the term freedom fighters) along with our monetary support helped them crack communism once and for all. Obama has cut funding for democracy support programs in Iran.

    What gets to people like me is that Obama is always trying to make everything morally equivalent. It’s almost as if he cares more about being liked than doing the right thing and standing up for human rights and freedom.

    “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

    Comment by lindyborer — June 21, 2009 @ 4:31 pm |Reply

  7. Wow..where do I start?

    Iran: Again, short of sending money to NGO’s in Iran..what should Obama do? This isnt just the good guys versus the bad guys..these students are being abused by the hardliners and I dont think we can be entirely sure that the “reformist” have the people on the streets best interest at heart. It is far more complicated than good vs bad. Check out this article

    As to the odd segway to healthcare. I live in a country where there is a public option and private insurance and everyone is covered. We have a family doctor that makes house calls, clinics come to the house to give the kids and (the dogs) their shots, people with private insurance use the same hospitals as people with the government coverage. The difference is things like plastic surgery and dental healthcare (not universal) and with state coverage you may have to wait longer for tests, or elective surgery, but thats better than no coverage and it doesnt effect the ones with private insurance. It may not be as pretty and shiny new as the doctors and facilities we saw in the US but the technology is here and the doctors, their bedside manner, (I have cell phone numbers, I know when they go on vacation)- I wouldn’t trade this kind of care for anything.

    I am curious where these US doctors are going to avoid the heavy hand of government but have access to state of the art facilities..where could that be?

    Comment by elizabeth — June 23, 2009 @ 7:16 am |Reply

  8. Odd segueway? I mentioned it in my post, and given the pitiful Obamacare infomercial/propaganda piece by ABC on Wednesday, quite a pertinent issue.

    Yes, where will these doctors/anyone go once the the govt. runs healthcare? It’s frightening to ponder…People have been pouring into the US by the thousands to receive care they can’t elsewhere.

    And, as Obama and his supporters have stated, the public “option” will indeed force the private insurance industry out of business. So much for choice and the free market.

    Sorry, but puke. There is such a thing as good vs. bad, and if one hasn’t the ability to look at the actions of the Iranian regime on its own people (shooting them in the head, axing them to death?) and not see how that is “bad,” then I’m pretty sure this conversation cannot go further constructively.

    Comment by lindyborer — June 26, 2009 @ 10:14 am |Reply

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