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June 15, 2009

Proof that Palin’s got it

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Some might say that the author of this article is going out on a limb.  I really don’t think he is.  He is right on.  Here is a portion of Valentine’s article, Sarah Palin, the 21st Century “It” Girl, from American Thinker: 

The landscape is now quite different.  There are tens of millions of people who never voted for Obama, telling their friends “don’t blame me.”  There is a growing number who did vote for Obama who have lost their jobs at car dealerships, who have not found work yet even after the massive spending, and there are those who just say “…this is not the change I had in mind.”

Some thought McCain would be the anti-charisma candidate against the charisma candidate and that would work.  Now we may be lining up for the common sense charisma campaign against the nonsense charisma.

The left is telling us something and they are the experts.  They are telling us not to make Palin the conservative candidate because if we do, it will be humiliating.  I agree with them and I take them at their word. 

It will be the undoing of Obama, and it may be overwhelming.

Something that one can usually bank on is that when the Left goes into full attack mode, it means that the person they’re attacking is effective.  Sarah Palin scares the pants off the Left.  She does have charisma, she does draw a crowd, and once they’re there, she gives it to them straight.  Common sense from a politician:  a sorely lacking quality most of the time.  She has dealt with more than many could handle the past nine months, and dealt amazingly well.  Especially given the low-down, dirty, slimy attacks on her own children, which she has handled with class.  (Trust me, if people went after my kids even half as bad as they’ve gone after hers, I’d probably be in prison or something.)

She’s got it, she’s got the moxie to say it, and she’s one of the few doing it.  She’s out making Obama look bad, and the attack-dog media is doing everything they can to destroy her.  Something tells me she’ll be all right.

**Something else that Sarah Palin brings out in the Left is their complete misogyny.   An attractive, smart woman can only be political if she is liberal; otherwise she is “a traitor to her own kind,” brainwashed, self-hating, or worse.  Just as black men and women cannot be conservative for the same reasons in the eyes of the Left.  She is bringing out the truth behind liberalism:  It’s all about identity politics, not the potential of each and every individual.  A good example of this dirty little secret being exposed was NOW’s attacks on Palin for being everything they ever wanted for womenkind.  She should have been their poster woman–except she was pro-life, and conservative.


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