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June 10, 2009

Jobs, jobs, jobs

The unemployment rate in this country now stands at 9.4%.  This is the sole result of Obama’s failed stimulus boondoggle.  Hopenchange is beginning to wear thin, even for his supporters.  It’s hard to care about “fairness” when you can’t find a job and provide for your family.  Obama is in the process of destroying the US economy and the private sector. 

As for continuing to try to blame his predecessor?  That crutch is rapidly disappearing.  Ed Morrissey writes (my emphases):

Even if we wildly disagree on economics, we agree that Obama will own this unemployment cycle, and soon.  The 10% mark is a psychological barrier that Obama simply cannot avoid.  Even without it, blaming Bush has a shelf life whose expiration date is rapidly approaching.  Bush didn’t spend trillions of dollars in 2009 and promise that it would create “or save” jobs.  Voters will get tired of hearing how many jobs Obama thinks he’s “saved” while unemployment continues to rise.

Obama has been in charge for almost five months and got every single bit of economic policy he wanted from Congress.  If the economy remains mired and debt keeps skyrocketing, people will start to ask what they got for all of their great-grandchildren’s money.  Even a Party of No will look pretty good in comparison under those conditions, and perhaps especially so.

Meanwhile, an insidious little thing known as “Cap and Trade” will result in even more jobs lost, with skyrocketing taxes as well.  And this tax will affect anyone who uses energy.  Which, yes, would be everyone.  Hell, we exhale CO2.  When are they going to start taxing breathing?  (And I’m only halfway joking, here.) 

A YouTube video is sometimes worth a thousand explanations:

Obama on Cap and Trade, in his own words:

Obama’s stimulus and jobs lost visualization:

In this vein, Iowahawk’s latest is in response to the recent LA Times article about “funemployment.”  It just keeps getting better the longer you read it:  Hot New Trend: Carefree Hipsters Go For Funemployment, Starve-cation


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