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June 2, 2009

Turning our kids into mini-informants? Priceless.

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What a crazy damn world we live in, am I right? 

Okay, I read in National Review a little blurb about this Mastercard commercial:

Jonah Goldberg opines:

There are two kinds of folks in this world:  those who find this sort of thing creepy, and pod people.  Okay, maybe that’s a bit too strong.  But how anyone could fail fo find this commercial one of the more disturbing convergences of corporate power, advertising, and progressive groupthink is beyond me.

I find it creepy, too, and my husband, who generally occupies his brain with farming, was so disturbed by it that he actually brought it up to me over dinner today.  There’s just something quite asinine about recruiting children to inform–and then inform upon–their parents.  And in our current political climate, and our rapid spiral into socialism, such things are doubly revolting.   

Now before any enviro-wackos bombard me with hate comments, let me be clear on some things.   Many people will see that commercial and think, “How cute.  How on earth could anyone criticize a child encouraging his father to reduce his carbon footprint?”

There’s nothing wrong with caring for the environment (even though today’s mania about saving the planet is approaching hysteria; the environmentalists now may count themselves among religious zealots, the planet being their god).  And, despite the fact that there is not, despite what Hollywood actors or politicians tell us, any sort of scientific consensus on global warming climate change, let alone a consensus if it is indeed man-made, there isn’t anything wrong with being a good steward of our lovely planet and conserve when able. 

If anyone is still itching to get to the bottom of this post so that they can call me names, please hear me out.  

Call me insane or whatever, but I think it is creepy to subjugate the minds of children, and to coach them into brow-beating their own parents on environmental matters.  Where are these six year olds learning this stuff?  It’s not like most six year olds are concerned with making dad a better dad.  Let’s be honest, one could place any sort of issue into this commercial other than environmentalism and start to get pretty uncomfortable.   


Maybe it will help to look a few spaces ahead of where we are.  In Britain, an electric utility launched a website for kids that teaches them how to become “climate cops.”  Their duty is to keep a “watcheful eye” and monitor the “energy crimes” of their family and neighbors, with the ultimate goal of building a “climate-crime case file.”  Beware that Jonson kid with the clipboard going through your recyclables.

If you still can’t see why this kiddie Gestapo stuff is offensive, change the issue from environamentalism to eating habits (you know that’s coming, by the way), or religion, or just about any subject where you don’t thisn a six-year-old should be scolding you for weakness of character or informing on you to the authorities. 

To crack the bunker walls of the family and seduce the children has always been a top priority of totalitarians, hard and soft.     

I heartily concur.  It is not the role of others to force their views upon our children.  That should be heavily in the parental arena, with no overlap.  The lefties and the righties should all be in agreement on this one. 

Of course, Obama said much of the same last year:

“We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times …

Apparently, a lot of Americans will accept brow-beating from the president.  Meanwhile, Obama continues to cruise around in his SUV with the White House thermostat at tropical levels.  Remember, it’s just the little people who must endure and obey these incendiary admonitions.


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  1. Obama already started working on this during the campaign. Remember the instructions for kids on how to guilt-trip their grandparents? “Grammy, I don’t want New York to flood from global warming; please vote for Obama!”

    Comment by politicalhousewyf — June 2, 2009 @ 9:19 pm |Reply

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