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June 2, 2009

This, that, and the other

Some links that have gotten my attention:

Caution: Bloody Century Ahead  Not for the faint of heart. I keep trying to disagree with Patterson, but…I…just…can’t.

Late-term abortionist George Tiller’s shooting death is a travesty, and his shooter most definitely qualifies as a domestic terrorist.  No matter how deplorable I found Dr. Tiller’s actions, to fight the anti-life agenda by taking life is wrong and deplorable. 

Obama has meanwhile assigned other abortionists police protection.   One wonders whether or not he has assigned the same protections to military recruiters, in light of the recent shooting death of one in Arkansas by a militant muslim.  Probably not.  (And does anyone remember the name William Ayers, the president’s favorite domestic terrorist?)  From Malkin:  Obama condemns Muslim attack on Arkansas Army Recruiters…not 

Every single pro-life organization has condemned Tiller’s shooting death, but the blame game is on.  Many are blaming Bill O’Reilly for his honest and brave reporting on Tiller and his practice:

Kudos to O’Reilly.  Without a doubt, any attempt henceforth to report upon and instruct people about the horrors of abortion will be deemed incitements to violence.  We must resist this full-on.  Women have the right to full knowlege about this horrific practice.  Reporting on it is necessary and must continue. 

And this article from American Thinker:

Do Liberals Crave A Master?   It’s almost like many people, even if it’s not overt, do need someone to tell them what to do.  Many conservatives/individualists like me often wonder why so many people not only accept but seemingly invite a person or group of persons (aka the government) to impose their agendas upon them.  I still maintain that the individual and the individual’s freedoms are to be protected, first and foremost.  A whole lot of people are seemingly content to kiss their individual freedoms goodbye in the name of “fairness,” or whatever.  This article presents a possible diagnosis.

To whet your appetite: 

Contemporary liberals, having abandoned the belief in God-given inalienable rights, masochistically crave a worldly master. This master is a sadistic god-substitute who will provide the stern discipline needed to force economic equality and “fairness” by requiring painful sacrifices and bestowing government-created rights onto obedient and acquiescent groups of left-leaning masochists. 

It’s really interesting.

And I stumbled across this as well.  I don’t know anything about the person or group that created this, but I just thought it was thought-provoking.

One way to answer an atheist:



  1. […] Lindy turned up the following gem from the American Thinker: “A whole lot of people are seemingly content to kiss their individual freedoms goodbye in the name of ‘fairness,’ or whatever.” […]

    Pingback by Desperate Causes « The Political Housewyf — June 2, 2009 @ 9:58 pm |Reply

  2. Some interesting parallels between this video and the Mastercard video, no?

    Comment by MetNoesis — June 3, 2009 @ 8:35 am |Reply

  3. Yes and no. I had thought of that before posting the second, but decided to anyway.

    I like the point in the Einstein one that illustrates the need for, at the very least, debate. On most college campuses, the possibility of there being a God is not even open to question.

    The video, to me, seemed to suggest that there be the possibility of exploring all sides and possibilities, not just presenting one side and suppressing the other.

    I think what has happened in public schools as a result of over-the-top political correctness is that free thinking is discouraged for fear of offending someone. And it appears that what is suppressed is usually anything dealing with Christian principles.

    Am I suggesting that public schools take on the teaching of religion? Certainly not. That’s why we have private schools. But let’s have a little more openness in the name of healthy debate, which is really how students learn best. And I think that’s what the commercial was trying to get across.

    I’ll concede, though, that I think the Einstein commercial would be way more effective had it taken part in a typical university classroom, and not with a bunch of sixth graders.

    Comment by lindyborer — June 3, 2009 @ 10:18 am |Reply

  4. But, then, how does one propose that public school students learn about religion? Public schools used to have classes in religion/philosophy, apparently without problem, although they were probably not quite so wildly free-thinking then. (Back in the days when pupils were not considered to be so inherently dumb, I suppose.) BTW, when I speak of public schools, I am speaking of pre-college schools.

    It is somewhat ironic to refer to Christians as “free-thinking”, but I agree with your point. Christian principles, among many other principles, are suppressed by PC.

    Comment by MetNoesis — June 3, 2009 @ 3:23 pm |Reply

  5. When public schools teach Christianity, you also run into the problem of “which version?” The public schools were teaching some heavily anti-Catholic interpretations, which is how the Catholic school system was forced into existence in this country. In Britain, religion is still taught in public schools… usually, by female Anglican priests who can’t get a parish because most parishes won’t take a woman pastor. Do you think they’re appreciative or dismissive of the Catholic Church’s arguments against ordaining women? Even philosophy can be skewed so as to support one argument or another, based on which philosophers you present and how.

    I think it used to “work” because you had a more homogenous country.

    Comment by politicalhousewyf — June 3, 2009 @ 8:45 pm |Reply

  6. Yep, MetNoesis and yep, political housewyf.

    It is little wonder that many, many people decide to homeschool, and that certain politicians of certain parties are hostile to homeschooling. Less young minds to indoctrinate with liberal ideology.

    Comment by lindyborer — June 4, 2009 @ 6:49 am |Reply

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