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May 11, 2009

letter from a recovering liberal

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Thought this was amusing and certain points in it are undeniably, and uncomfortably, accurate. 

Conservative is the new gay.

Related:  Ever notice how when a conservative (or anyone) makes a joke about a liberal, their balls are put into a vise until they’re forced to grovel and apologize, but that when a liberal wishes a conservative person DEAD, the president (and his lovely wife) laugh along with everyone else?  Ever notice how when a person even states her opinion, and that opinion just happens to be conservative, they become the focus of an all-out lynch mob whose sole objective becomes the destruction of that individual?  (hint, Carrie Prejean, who happens to have the same exact opinion of gay marriage as…President Obama.) 

Double standards and hypocrisy.  What is especially interesting is that we’re supposed to be part of a “new tone of post-partisanship.”  Remember?  We’re supposed to “put away childish things.”   I have never encountered such vitriol and intolerance from a group of people.  The American left is hard at work–with support from the president–in attacking all that is good in this world.  It’s scary for the future or our nation, and it should be an embarrassment to them. 

Keep it classy, libs.   But I won’t count on it.


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  1. What I do not understand-the outrage, and violent reactions of those who hear you say you are pro-life or pro-marriage. What is wrong with being against tiny children being burned and torn apart in the womb? What is wrong with believing God intended Marriage to be according to natural law? The result of such a union being new eternal souls? And why is being against abortion portrayed as being “anti woman”? (IE -the argument for abortion in cases of rape and incest etc). Do they not see that abortion is also a violent, frequently unsafe or life threatening procedure against this woman or young girl? Abortion is inherently anti-woman. (See risks of breast cancer rates go exponentially high in women who have had abortions). Not to mention the death of an innocent child. All for the sake of convenience…The people who call us “self righteous” should do a little self examination. The elephant in the room in all of this is MEN. Where is their culpability in all of this? Society has given in to a grossly perverted view of men also-that their sexual urges must be a medical necessity which they have no control over…Our culture is so self serving, we are becoming like aniamls. And the attacks seem to be shifting to those who hold traditional Judeo-Christian values.

    Comment by Bridge — May 12, 2009 @ 9:59 am |Reply

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