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May 6, 2009

You picked the wrong morning. UPDATED

I’m visiting my parents.  I slept in the same bed with a two and four year old, who wouldn’t settle and couldn’t seem to stop wiggling.  About three in the morning, I opened a window to alleviate the stuffiness, only to find that Booker, the damn dog, was barking incessantly outside.  So, I went to close the window, but it was stuck.  I therefore had to go outside on the balcony and force it shut.  At which point the kids needed something to drink.  Their thirst quenched, I realized that I had to go mess with the thermostat since the window was shut.  Finally arriving back upstairs, the kids were sleeping peacefully, but I was now wide awake.  After tossing for over an hour, I at last fell into a peaceful slumber, only to have the kids wake me up in order to go downstairs this morning.

So, you can imagine my mood as I sat down with my coffee to read Mothering magazine’s email newsletter, which advocated the insane leftist group, Code Pink.  CODE PINK.  I fired off a snippy response, telling them that I’m cancelling my subscription, and requesting that they stop sending their propaganda.  They had finally gone off the deep end.

The thing is, I’ve seen this coming for awhile now.  I began subscribing three years ago, and each new issue has focused less and less on mothering issues and more and more on things like the environment and veganism.  I have no problem with people eating no animal products.  I have no problem with caring for the planet.  We’re supposed to be good stewards of the environment.  I do, however, have a problem when those people start telling me what I can and cannot do.  I really don’t understand how some of these people think the world would eat if we started practicing agriculture the way they wanted us to.

When it comes to the “save the planet” craze, I think that those who care so fanatically about the environment do so because they’ve made the earth their deity.  Some people are now literally worshiping the environment, whether they realize it or not.  This occurred to me yesterday as I was mowing my parents’ lawn.  When looked at this way, it makes complete sense for some of these wackos to reduce the number of people on this planet in order to save it, including sterilizing themselves, promoting population control, and promoting abortion.  If you believe that the only thing that’s forever is the earth, and not human souls, your hierarchy of importance will follow suit.  Humans are bad.

What’s worse, these people don’t realize that they’re victims of people at the top (politically, usually) who create fear for the sake of grabbing power.  The people at the top of the Green Movement, I’ll wager, don’t give a rat’s rear end about actually “saving the planet,” but they do realize that they can exert an ever-increasing amount of power over us if they create the narrative that life as we know it will end if we don’t do as they say.  Key example:  Cap and Trade.  If you object, you don’t “care about the environment, you unimaginable bastard, you!”  Actually, I just want to live my life without someone’s foot on my neck.

It still amazes me, too, as I read the Mothering dot com forums every once in awhile, or as I read the featured article in the publication itself, that often the things they rail against all fall into this narrative:  Let us parent the way we want to.  We don’t want the government involved in our parenting decisions.  Hey, that sounds downright conservative or libertarian!  Yet there’s apparently not anyone in there that exercises some basic critical thinking skills in order to wonder why they think BO’s the best, or that the only people pushing for less government and not more do not generally vote D.

Reasons for this?  Oh, many, but this post grows long.  Perhaps I’ll continue another time.  But I feel better now.

UPDATE:  I watched the Mother’s Day Code Pink video.  It’s precisely what you’d expect.   My response:

Yes, the world would’ve been a better place had we not fought the Civil War. Slavery was just so great, too bad we had to do away with it.

This video had the (unintended, I’ll wager) effect of making me laugh hysterically. The dismissal of reality on display in it is staggering.

I persist in my belief that wars are not to be sought, but are sometimes necessary.


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