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May 1, 2009

replacement levels not so good

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Saw this link yesterday, under the title, “If Mark Steyn’s new book was a video” and thought I’d give it a go.  I think Mark Steyn is a genius, I read anything with his name on it, and I’ve not been disappointed yet.

To me, the video comes across as rather alarmist, with the music and the dramatic presentation.  But, as I mulled it over, saw the actual demographic statistics, I suddenly realized that perhaps there’s cause for alarm.  No doubt someone will say, so what if Islam takes over the world?  Things change, yes.  But there’s this radical little arm of Islam known as “jihadists” who want to make all of western civilization (with its traditions and unique culture–including women’s rights, human rights, you know, freedom) disappear.  And therein lies the real problem; even though the majority of moderate Muslims simply want to live their lives, so to speak, those who run their mosques ascribe to this radical view of Islam.  Statistics confirm this.  So, yes, it’s well and good to say, “live and let live.”  But in order for that contract to be honored, both parties have to honor it.  And that, my friends, is the rub.

We’re contracepting and aborting ourselves right out of existence.   I like to call it, “Dearth Birth.”  Catchy, no?  

The good news?  We won’t have to worry about taking care of our national debt–in a matter of years, if things don’t reverse–it might not be our problem anymore. 


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  1. It isn’t just the jihadists; “normal” Islamic governments are less than tolerant, to put it very mildly. Saudi Arabia, in spite of a large influx of Christians to work in the service industries, does not allow churches. Filipino workers in Saudi have been arrested for holding private Bible studies in their own apartments, with the windows shuttered. The Coptic Christians are still heavily persecuted in Egypt. Christians are being driven out of Palestine and Iraq by their Muslim neighbors, who steal property and murder Christians with the acquiescence of the Muslim government. I forget the exact percentage, but a high number of British-born Muslims insisted that they’d prefer to live under Sharia law, which puts both women and non-Muslims into a second-class human status. Forced conversion to Islam is approved, but conversion out of Islam is punishable by death. Those who resist conversion are slapped with the crippling Dhimi (non-Muslim) tax and systemic discrimination from the government. The Koran even says that Muslims should deal dishonestly with non-Muslims, since they don’t submit to Islam.

    Once you’re a Christian in a Muslim country, the jihadis aren’t your main problem: the government is.

    Comment by politicalhousewyf — May 1, 2009 @ 10:50 pm |Reply

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