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April 29, 2009

First 100 Days Wrap-up

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If you’re a conservative, you’re exasperated beyond belief.  If you’re a liberal/statist, you’re too busy fawning over BO to actually consider his actions critically.  Divided we stand, after the election of the great “Unifier.” 

One thing that particularly stands out to me (and, apparently, to many others) is the arrogance on display by President Obama.  It’s really quite stunning.  It makes me wonder, “Does he know what he looks like?”  Who really knows, but I’ve found that extremely narcissistic people generally don’t realize the complete asses they make of themselves by displaying their own self-love with such gusto.  (They also tend to be incredibly thin-skinned and unable to laugh at themselves or detect irony and sarcasm.) 

Michelle Malkin adroitly illustrates the ego with which we’re dealing:  100 Days of Reckless Photo-Op Hubris

Also, Jonah Goldberg has a great column, too, that is quite worthy of a read:  Obama’s Liberal Arrogance Will Be His Undoing.

He says,

Meanwhile, circulation for the conservative National Review (where I work) is soaring. More people watch Fox News (where I am a contributor) in prime time than watch CNN and MSNBC combined. The “tea parties” may not have been as big as your typical union-organized “spontaneous” demonstration, but they were far more significant than any protests this early in Bush’s tenure.

And yet, according to Democrats and liberal pundits, America is enjoying unprecedented unity, and conservatives are going the way of the dodo.

Case in point:  The media’s spin on yesterday’s announcement that Arlen Specter has decided to switch parties and become a Democrat.  “The GOP is flailing!  It’s over with!”  And on and on.  I’m not denying that the Republican party is in a painful transition right now; it is.  But it’s a good thing!  It’s like a controlled burn, a purging, if you will, where all the RINOs will be gotten rid of, and we will once again elect people who actually remain true to conservatism.  Liberal Republican Arlen Specter leaving the party?  Let’s throw a party!  Don’t let the door hit your rear on the way out, Arlen.  While you’re at it, take Snowe and Collins with you.  

Goldberg ends his column with this:

American politics didn’t come to an end with Obama’s election, and nothing in politics breeds corrective antibodies more quickly than overreaching arrogance. And by that measure, Obama’s first 100 days have been a huge down payment on the inevitable correction to come.  

Let’s hope he’s correct.



  1. “generally don’t realize the complete asses they make of themselves by displaying their own self-love with such gusto.”

    Why would he care that Republicans find his arrogant? The rest of the World thinks he’s doing a fantastic job. The more angry the Conservative right gets, the happier the rest of us are.

    Comment by futiledemocracy — April 29, 2009 @ 7:28 am |Reply

  2. Why would he care? Obama, the one who claimed “I have a gift” (what he told Harry Reid after a speech) probably doesn’t care. Principled individuals, however, do realize that unharnessed arrogance is generally not a good quality in a leader, and therefore strive not to be arrogant. But Obama is not principled.

    The angrier we get, the happier you are? You are single-handedly confirming that “unity” and “tolerance” are not the ideals to which you, as a liberal, aspire. I’m not surprised.

    As for “the world loves him,” two points. 1) Who cares what the world thinks? I do realize that liberals care about being liked and feeling good about themselves more than doing the right thing, but I think this is rather a ridiculous blanket statement, and totally unsubstantiated. 2) Let’s look at who “loves” Obama. Hamas, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Hugo Chavez, you mean? Awesome!

    Yes, there are people out there who love Obama, and they’re probably a lot like you, who call themselves things like “futile democracy.”

    As for me, it’s freedom every time.

    Comment by lindyborer — April 29, 2009 @ 10:54 am |Reply

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