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April 28, 2009

Smart power from The Administration

I just finished a book that I check-out from the library on a whim.  It was located on the “new fiction” rack, it looked like an easy read (it was), and I was in the mood for just that.  It ended up being a slightly entertaining piece of trash, but one in which the author felt compelled to reveal her private political predilections on every page.  This, to me, is an annoying and amateurish habit, that actually makes the author appear as not “liberal,” in the classic sense, but rather showcasing her inability to be open-minded and accepting.  I am in no way overstating things; it was page after page of authorial cheap-shots at anything that strayed one inch right-of-center.  No doubt this author fancies herself as one of those “smart” people, and is thus blinded to her own hypocrisy.  Very well.  It’s a free country, at least for now.

As such, I could start referring to the Obama Administration as, simply, “The Administration,” as Ms. Too-Smart referred to the last one.  (She actually equated the Christian Right and the jihadists.)  So, in that vein, The Administration illustrated its “smart power” yesterday by scaring the daylights out of traumatized New Yorkers by buzzing the Goldman Sachs building and the Statue of Liberty for a…photo op.  Yes, the smartest administration evah decided to zoom a low-flying 747, followed by an F-16, over lower Manhattan, without warning anyone about it.  From MSNBC:  “An official from the Obama administration said the White House Military Office wanted to update its file photo of the president’s plane near the Statue of Liberty.”

See how it looked from the ground:

Eerily similar to 9/11.  People actually evacuated their high-rises and sought medical attention after the spectacle.  Don’t count on the buck ever stopping on Obama, however.  If anything goes wrong, someone is always quick to point the finger to someone–anyone–else.  Imagine the reaction of the media had this occurred during Bush’s presidency.  There would be non-stop news coverage and much gnashing of teeth. 

Smart power, indeed.  Not to mention quite “ungreen,” to burn this amount of fuel for a measly photo op for the White House.  This from a man who chastizes us for the types of vehicles we drive and reprimands us for the temperature level in our homes.  H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-I-C-A-L, it’s spelled. 

And kudos to former supermodel Kathy Ireland, who bravely spoke out against abortion recently.  We by now know what happens to women who dare speak their minds on hot-button issues, like Miss California.  They are outrightly attacked and coerced into apologizing for their beliefs.  This, again, from the “tolerant” left.  Conservative women are not allowed to have an opinion.  Should they make the mistake of issuing one, they will most certainly by subjected to ridicule and misogynistic verbal assaults.  What a sad state of affairs.

But, way to go, Kathy.  Read the link.  She not only says what she thinks, but says it well. 

Related:  We’re here, we’re queer and we’re hypocrites.  This article isn’t against gays; it targets the Perez Hiltons of the world who are not representative of most gays.  The thuggery of the gay-rights haters is astonishing.

This swine flu, this swine flu.  A possible pandemic is in the works, and Obama has yet to staff the HHS department.  No fear, Janet Napalitano is on the case, although we know we can’t expect her to make calm, rational decisions that make sense, like, say, monitoring the Mexican border.  Rather, they are reactionary; after-the-fact.  Obama went golfing.  Hugh Hewitt wonders, “Could this be Obama’s Katrina Moment?” 

And, finally, we’re approaching the hallowed close of Obama’s first 100 days.  John Hawkins has a marvelous wrap-up:  Twenty Great Moments From Obama’s First 100 Days!   Suffice it to say, I’m severely underwhelmed.


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