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April 26, 2009

Obama’s chilling prophecy

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Via the Catholic Key
Obama said last week, on remembering the Holocaust:

“It is the grimmest of ironies that one of the most savage, barbaric acts of evil in history began in one of the most modernized societies of its time, where so many markers of human progress became tools of human depravity: science that can heal, used to kill; education that can enlighten, used to rationalize away basic moral impulses; the bureaucracy that sustains modern life, used as the machinery of mass death, a ruthless, chillingly efficient system where many were responsible for the killing, but few got actual blood on their hands.”

His words, of course, make us think of this.

Has this man no sense of irony?  Either he’s blind or not paying attention.  Reading continually from a teleprompter probably does that to a person.

Black is white, white is black.  Up is down, down is up.  Good is evil, evil is good.  Welcome to 2009.



  1. I pray daily for our nation ….that more and more people, including those in the adoring media, will realize that the “Emperor has no clothes”.

    Our president is willing to say anything to any audience to gain for himself praise and adulation. He truly believes that he is the anointed one. His narcissism is astounding.

    Comment by trish — April 27, 2009 @ 9:56 am |Reply

  2. God, help us!

    I was listening to this clip on the radio this morning about our nations foreign policy priorities:

    Tim at DNA

    Comment by Disciple Nations Alliance — April 27, 2009 @ 1:05 pm |Reply

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