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April 21, 2009

terrorism vs. “man-caused disasters”

Susan Boyle’s voice is phenomenal.  They’ve discovered a recording of her singing the blues riff, Cry Me A River, that she did ten years ago for a charity CD.  It’ll blow you away.  It’s posted here.

 I mean, I Dreamed A Dream was excellent, but I kept wondering if her voice just seemed a little better than it is because we weren’t expecting it.  After listening to the above?  It’s that good.  She sounds trained, in a good way.  I can’t wait to buy whatever some greedy bastard produces for her, and pray that she doesn’t get exploited or marred.  She’s just perfect the way she is. 

This woman has set a record for most online hits in a week.  As of looking just now, the seven-minute YouTube clip of her audition on Britain’s Got Talent has garnered over 36 million views.  (No small feat, even though it’s only a drop in the bucket in comparison with Obama’s budget.)

It’s hard not to be cynical just at the moment, so when I need a dose of good old-fashioned perspective, I think of Ms. Boyle.

Me, cynical?  Oh yes.  Let me explain.

Our president is busy with a continuation of his World Apology Tour, endeavoring at every possible chance to bend over (or even bow) to the most asinine characters ever thrown onto the world’s stage.  Obama persists in scraping around on his knees to brutal dictators and leaders of oppressive regimes that care nothing about the freedom or humanity of its people, the same countries who are totally bent upon our destruction.  

Take Chavez, for example.  Instead of letting him trash our noble nation, wouldn’t it be great to have a leader who actually defended that which he led?  I simply don’t understand the liberal notion of trying to “make nice” with people who treat their citizens as sub-human.  I do not understand the people who persist in holding some crack-brained notion that Venezuela (or Cuba, or Saudi Arabia, or Iran) is Heaven’s counterpart.  Actually, here’s the case for punching Chavez in the face.  It’s really a kindergarten notion.  Romper Room diplomacy, if you will.

This is all happening at the same time that Obama is dissing our allies.

Meanwhile, Janet Napalitano is busy standing by her despicable, baseless DHS report, classifying anyone who opposes the ever-burgeoning, bloated government, anyone who has a problem with spending what we don’t have, anyone who opposes the long-term ramifications of this spending upon our children and grandchildren, anyone who thinks the answer isn’t always “more government,” anyone who objects to the bankrupting of our nation, anyone who opposes the erosion of our freedom under the rubric of government programs, anyone who desires to uphold the Constitution, anyone who opposes abortion or illegal immigration, and anyone who happens to be a returning vet—-as potential domestic terrorists.  

HA HA HA, WE are the terrorists!  And she suddenly has no problem saying the T-word.  The administration has suddenly ended the War on Terror, following the pathetic example of the people who call terrorists who blow up themselves and other people as merely “insurgents”, who call our actions “overseas contingency operations”, and now refer to the terroristic acts that took over 3,000 lives on ONE DAY as “man-caused disasters.”  (As Jonah Goldberg noted in NR, apparently this would make a terrorist a “man-caused disaster-causing  man”.) 

Behold the subversive power of language.  The funny (funny?) thing is, language doesn’t mean diddly-squat when it comes to actually dealing with the threats that face our nation.  What it DOES accomplish (besides making us look like capitulating weaklings and causing our enemies to rub their hands together in anticipatory glee) is to make a lot of people FEEL better about themselves.  And that, my friends, is liberalism.  And it is dangerous. 

 Happy Tuesday to you all.

Supplemental must-read:  Peace Through Weakness


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