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April 4, 2009


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There’s always room for a little fun with American Gothic, mob-style.


President Barack Obama
Threatening America’s Bankers

Yes, our president said THAT to the bankers during last week’s meeting.  Whoa.  The statement, and its implications, are so altogether disturbing when considered that I simply will choose not to do so.  Here’s a nice summary, though.

Teleprompter malfunction!  See below:

See, The question that flummoxed the great orator, in the UK Guardian.  It’s not satirical.

And, don’t miss this.  Conservatives and liberals are always accusing one another of brain disorders.  Here, for your reference, are the actually mapped out brain regions of each type of individual, complete with detailed description, courtesy of 

 Brain map of a capitalist class enemy (Republican)

Brain map of a socialist liberal (Democrat)

Never fear, the country’s in the very best of hands, after all:


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  1. Obama’s meeting and “scolding” of the bankers…just political theatre to assuage or placate us. In the meantime, the banks are coming back stronger…more of a threat…

    Comment by euandus2 — December 15, 2009 @ 11:51 am |Reply

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