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April 3, 2009

Funny/not funny. An analysis.

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Crowder’s Tom Cruise is spot-on.  That’s funny.

The Obamas’ visit to London for the G20 was also rife with gaffes.  Protocol is apparently not something in which the Obamas are well-versed.  No touching the Queen, Michelle.  And it is customary to bow to the Queen.  (Hey, it’s stupid, but let’s not cement the idea of Americans being uncouth or clueless indefinitely.)  Barack gave the queen an ipod.  The content?  HIS OWN SPEECHES.  (Hey, it’s a little better than the top 25 American movies DVD collection he gave to Gordon Brown.)   That’s funny.


Of course, our President also gave a deep bow to the Saudi king.  Make of that what you will.  Ed Morrissey is rather horrified.  Malkin says of the whole affair:  “The whole thing is embarrassing. Its like the `American Hillbillies go to Europe.'”   The Anchoress maintains that this looks very much like a man catching himself in mid-bow and suddenly remembering that he should not.  And Rachel Lucas deftly (though sometimes crassly) admits she is torn, and rightly concludes, “Can you imagine the reaction if Bush had done this?” (Lucas is at her best, sarcastic self, I might add.)  That’s funny.

(Meanwhile, the Saudis are coming up with ever more ways to set the highest standards in cruelty for the Saudi people, where a 75 year old woman is sentenced with 40 lashes for finding herself in the presence of men who weren’t her family members, and the 23 year old who was gang-raped, found herself pregnant, and sentenced to 100 lashes for committing adultery.  Neither women will survive their sentences.)  That, however, is not funny.

To be fair, Bush held hands with the man in 2005, which had the left in hysterics.  But, I don’t hear a peep from them now.  Not funny.

And this is really not funny.  Yesterday the Senate Democrats (with Specter, Collins, and Snowe in expected tow) voted down the Coburn Amendment #828.  The amendment’s purpose:

To protect the freedom of conscience for patients and the right of health care providers to serve patients without violating their moral and religious convictions.

That’s right.  The Democrats voted to force healthcare workers to perform abortions.  Read more here.

Some more not funny:  This chart.

obama_debtBush spent.  Obama exhausts.  More adjectives needed.  Fritters?  Squanders?  Wastes?  You decide.


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  1. Thank God for funny people. But the news sure isn’t.

    Comment by Dee — April 3, 2009 @ 8:27 am |Reply

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