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March 9, 2009

abortions and stem cells and markets, oh my!

I have about fourteen tabs lined up on my computer, and realize that I’ll never be able to blog about all of them.  But it puts me in the quandary of the person in the dream who is shouting with nary a sound.  This goes back to one of the reasons I blog:  This is stuff everyone should know, and when you care about those around you, you want them to be informed and protect themselves.  Hence, the following list of can’t-miss links.  Do take the time to read them, if only for my peace of mind.

First off, do you know who Jim Rogers is?  How about Maria Bartiromo?  (THAT caught the attention of the male segment.)  Here’s an interview that appeared in Business Week between the two.  Short and to-the-point, is Jim Rogers, about the current economy and our current leadership.  And what he foretells has me smiling.  (Good news for commodities and farmers.)  Says Rogers:

Which commodities are worth buying and holding onto? 

I recently bought more of all of them. But I really think agriculture is going to be the best place to be. Agriculture’s been a horrible business for 30 years. For decades the money shufflers, the paper shufflers, have been the captains of the universe. That is now changing. The people who produce real things [will be on top]. You’re going to see stockbrokers driving taxis. The smart ones will learn to drive tractors, because they’ll be working for the farmers. It’s going to be the 29-year-old farmers who have the Lamborghinis. So you should find yourself a nice farmer and hook up with him or her, because that’s where the money’s going to be in the next couple of decades. 

Hmm.  I do know some young farmers–and they’re SINGLE, girls.  Inquire within.  (Hat tip, Tracey S.)

On the rationing of healthcare, which was the Trojan horse of the century, that passed in the behemoth stimulus package:  Nationalizing Life and Death.  Are you expendable?  The government now has the power to decide that.  Shocking information regarding the euthanizing of the elderly, the terminally ill, and even newborns, in countries with universal health “care” is put forth.  Eat breakfast before reading this, rather than after.  Because you won’t have the stomach for it otherwise. 

How about the Abortion President’s latest anti-life actions?  Of course, on Friday he announced his plan to reverse Bush’s banning of embryonic stem cell research, going against majority opinion, conscience rights and science.  More on freedom of conscience, here.  Obama actually claims to be “pro-choice.”  Pro-choice only, of course, if one chooses abortion.   And now, FOCA is ominously waiting in the wings.  Pro-life Obama voters?  Hello?

And, by the way, Obama owns this tanking economy.  The markets look toward the future, not the past.  And they’re seeing Obama the radical right now.


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