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March 4, 2009

The Lives of Others


The previous issue of National Review put forth a list of the top 25 conservative movies; the number one pick was a 2006 German film called “The Lives of Others.”  I was at the rental store on Saturday, happened to look over and see it there on the shelf.  Happy coincidence, no?  I nabbed it. 

Well, there’s a reason it was their top pick.  To call it awesome doesn’t suffice; it is perhaps one of the best films championing freedom and exposing the horrors of government oppression I’ve ever seen.  It is even better because it’s based upon very recent history, and for some reason, (?), it seems quite timely now, as our nation continues its own headlong careen toward socialism and new era of big government. 

The film takes place in 1984 in still-Communist East Germany, and focuses on the Stasi’s surveillance of the German citizenry.  It is shocking to really contemplate the lengths to which the State went to “know everything” and to control everything that the oppressed people of the GDR thought, said, read, and experienced, all in order to remain in power.  Go here to read more about the plot.  Go here to see the trailer.  The film and the actors are all superb in their understatement, which makes it all the more compelling.   

I want everyone to see this movie.  If you happen to have liberal tendencies (hey, it’s okay, we’re all works in progress) you, too, would benefit from seeing why thousands of conservatives just like me rant against the unchecked growth of government and cringe when we keep discovering the predilections of our current president and his statist liberal beliefs.  It’s downright scary.  The push to reinstitute the so-called Fairness Doctrine (or something like it) by liberals is the first step toward stripping us of our first amendment rights and becoming another step closer to former Communist East Germany, with its totalitarian regime that monitored and decided the news and even entertainment that its citizenry heard.   

I strive not to be an alarmist.  I.  Hate.  That.  But, just so you all know, I’m effing alarmed.  In fact, I’ve now reached the conclusion that it’s far past the time to be alarmed.  Barack Obama is doing his very best to take away our freedoms.  Period.  The Political Housewyf, my blogging companion and One Smart Woman, has more on this.  Read her latest post about natural slaves and how some people will forfeit their freedoms to a government full of promises.  People, the government is supposed to fear us, not the other way around.  Our country was founded upon the notion of limited government, by the people, for the people.  We loan our rights to the government for protection of those rights, and that’s it.

So, do me a favor and rent this film.  Watch it as a reminder of the greatness of liberty.  You won’t be disappointed.



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  1. I will – thanks for the tip Lindy. I had not heard about it.

    Comment by dsgawrsh — March 5, 2009 @ 8:00 am |Reply

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