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February 18, 2009

Mattress wrestling.

No, no, it’s not what you think or feared…

We’re gearing up to go travel two hours south tomorrow for a pro-life conference featuring Alan Keyes.  I’m excited.  I will take pictures and post them after the event. 

I’m really not able to focus this morning.  I have no business blogging.  But that’s never stopped me before, so what the hey?  Yesterday I took the kids shopping.  And I don’t often splurge, but yesterday I did.  I bought one of those memory foam mattress toppers.  The verdict?  Wowza.  Awesome.  If you’re not satisfied with your mattress but don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of moolah on a new bed, I’d consider one of these.  You’ve no doubt seen the commercials for the Tempurpedic beds (you know, the one that was developed by NASA?  “?”)  Well, this is the same type of deal, only it’s two inches thick and probably $1000 cheaper.  I did sleep well last night, but I’m one of those people who has been blessed with the ability to get some shut-eye.  I’ve never been prone to insomnia.

If you do follow through with my advice and purchase a topper, be warned that the difficulty is in getting it out, unrolled, and into the antimicrobial pillow-case-like envelope.  They’re not light, and it took me about twenty minutes, several swear words, and probably 300 calories to finally wrestle the thing into position.  That’s probably another reason I slept so well.  Anyone who was downstairs while I was doing this had to wonder WHAT was going on up there…it probably sounded like two elephants wrestling or some such thing.

I foresee the end of our kitchen renovation as of about next Friday.  So, I’ll post some “in progress” pictures.  All that’s left is to tear out the linoleum and sand the oak floors underneath, stain them, fill them, and finish them.  I’m downright giddy!  David and I swear that this will be the last home improvement project for the foreseeable future.  (Except we’re already eyeing the upstairs bathroom…)

PS:  Do read the articles posted today on the Too Good page.






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