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February 14, 2009

movie night

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Well, the stimulus passed with not a single Republican House vote, and only 3 Rep. votes in the Senate.  (By the way, Snowe, Collins, and Specter sold out their constituents in return for earmarks.  I’ll bet they’re so proud.)  I’ve said about all I can say on the subject.  As Newsweek put it on their cover:  “We are all socialists now.”  Speak for yourselves.  It will be interesting to see how gleeful people are as time passes and big brother starts managing ever-increasing aspects of our lives.  I  for one can’t wait to have the government making all my healthcare decisions.

The kids went to bed early last night, and David and I watched a movie.  This is blogworthy simply because it’s a rarity for us.  As some of you may know, I love Jane Austeny type movies, historical movies, etc… Keira Knightley seems to have a monopoly on these types of period pieces lately, but she’s a good actress, so I thought I’d rent her latest “The Duchess” which is based on a true story.  What a depressing movie!  But I’d probably still recommend it.  If you do watch it, be prepared for a lot of infidelity and screwed-upedness.  But it makes you wonder what choices you’d make if you were in Knightley’s position.  The point in the movie that was poignant for me was when Georgiana (Knightley’s character) is forced to give away her newborn daughter (whose name is Eliza) to her lover’s family.  She kisses the baby one last time before handing her to the nurse, and the baby begins crying as the carriage pulls away.  Anyone reading this who is a mom knows why this is heart-wrenching. 

The movie puts on display the inequity of marital situations in England during the late 18th century.  The Duke, played by Ralph Fiennes, is an a-rate a-hole, and there’s not a thing Georgina can do about it, because he yields the power to do just about anything, including taking away her children. 

Of course, David was resisting to the movie at first…he always is when he sees what I rent.  But somehow he always ends up liking them (though he would never admit it.)  I endured plenty from him though., especially a lot of “Ah, the good old days,” regarding the Duke’s taking of mistresses and such.  It’s amazing, too, how prim David can become, pursing his lips in disapproval like an old lady when Georgiana does the same.   

But it’s Saturday now, and we’re heading into the home stretch of the kitchen renovation.  Phase II is complete (and has been for over a week).  Phase III, the floor, is in progress.  I could almost cry.


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