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February 11, 2009

First-hand account of botched abortion

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I wrote about the story of the baby born alive during an abortion and then put in the trash here, involving then 18 year old Sycloria Williams.   Here is the first-hand account.  It is incredibly sad. 

 I think one of the reasons I get so fed up with the abortion debate is that, at heart, babies are dying horrifically all the while.  And it breaks my heart.  I almost get a panicked feeling, and the urgency to just put a STOP to it overwhelms me.  It should not be a point of debate; sane people recognize the inherent indignity of abortion, to the baby and to the mother.  It defies natural law; people should not be killing other people, especially the most innocent among us. 

No, I have no patience for debate.  It’s a black and white issue.  Each person must decide if Sycloria Williams’ story should be accepted in this country as a matter of course, or if it should be seen as an abomination.  The way I see it, you either fight against such things, or you allow them to happen.  For many of us, to fight against it means praying incessantly for the minds and hearts of many to change.  And, whether you want to believe it or not, our votes most definitely matter.



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