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February 10, 2009

Hell hath no fury…

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…like Lindy when something gets her goat.  And her goat’s got.

This “stimulus,” Barack Obama’s baby, is all about pork, as I’ve pointed out in past posts.  Due to waning support in the Senate from all but three Republicans, a unanimous rejection by House Republicans (and 11 Democrats) and despite the fact that 62% of Americans think it should include far more tax cuts and less spending, the thing that has my blood reaching a boiling point is the health provisions that have been unobtrusively slipped into it.  No one is paying any attention to them, but we should be.  This stimulus has gone past being bad for the economy; it’s hazardous to one’s health.

The provisions in the stimulus bill are nearly exact replicas of what Tom Daschle described in his book, “Critical:  What We Can Do About the Health Care Crisis.”

Let me elaborate.  Raise your hand if you think it’s a swell idea for the government, via a new bureaucracy called the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology,  to decide which medical treatments are appropriate for you.  This committee would oversee doctors and dicatate to them which treatments you will receive (or won’t receive) based upon what they deem is cost effective, and also based upon others factors such as age and health. 

What this means is that you will not be in the driver’s seat when it comes to your health care, some bureaucrat will.  Kiss another freedom goodbye.  It gets worse.

Hospitals and doctors who aren’t “meaningful users” of the new regulations imposed under the new system will face penalties.  What does “meaningful user” mean?  Who the hell knows, it’s not defined in the bill.  But the secretary of the Health and Human Services will enforce it.  Tax-challenged #24 Obama HHS appointee Tom Daschle is out of the picture now (thankfully), but whoever is there will ultimately be the one making the calls when it comes to your health(according to Bloomberg):  “What penalties will deter your doctor from going beyond the electronically delivered protocols when your condition is atypical or you need an experimental treatment?”  Again, who knows.  But I’m starting to feel queasy. 

Any takers so far?  Well, it gets worse.

The new governing body that “will make the tough decisions” regarding YOUR health is called the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research.  And what, you ask, is this body’s goal?  I find it so repulsive and un-American that I can hardly provide the link (via Bloomberg):

The goal, Daschle’s book explained, is to slow the development and use of new medications and technologies because they are driving up costs. He praises Europeans for being more willing to accept “hopeless diagnoses” and “forgo experimental treatments,” and he chastises Americans for expecting too much from the health-care system.

Do you hear that?  I know we all get sick of liberal-types praising Europe (with its stagnant economies, low birth rates, cultural decline, anemic militaries, and horrendous health care) but what else should we expect from Daschle and the proponents of universal health care?  Does anyone in their right mind want our superior American health care system to become a carbon copy of the UK’s or Canada’s?  Canadians are lining up to come to the US to receive care.  The US’s health care system–even with its faults–still blows other countries’ health care systems out of the water precisely because it is treated as an industry with growth potential and not a government-run institution, whose sole concern is cost at the sacrifice of quality and innovation. 

According to Daschle, all you elderly people need to accept your age and gracefully allow us to pull the plug on you.  The very young and the very old will be the casualties of these changes.  Culture of death, full speed ahead.  Combined with the ultimate goal of the Freedom of Choice Act, which would allow abortion at any stage of pregnancy, the liberal Democrats will have us coming and going. 

But Daschle (amazingly) admits that there will be downsides to the new health care system:  “[Health-care reform] ‘will not be pain free.’  Seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of treating them” (Bloomberg).


I highly suggest you read the linked article and decide for yourself if this is what we want health care to look like in the US.  And by all means, contact your representatives and let them know how you feel about it.  Important health care changes don’t belong in an economic stimulus bill.  They need to be carefully and thoughtfully deliberated, not rushed through incognito.



  1. You’ve got to read the Bloomberg link on this one and call your Congressmen now.

    Comment by Dee — February 10, 2009 @ 9:13 am |Reply

  2. It’s an outrage. Not looking good already.

    Comment by Jon Hart — February 10, 2009 @ 10:59 pm |Reply

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