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February 4, 2009

Terrorists will never like the US. It is not the nature of terrorists.

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A news item from today that isn’t giving me the warm fuzzies:  Iran has apparently launched an ICBM into outer space, making the possibility of nuclear attack on the US an even more plausible prospect.  This news, combined with President Obama’s softening on anti-terror measures–including the closing of Gitmo and reverting to the army field guide for interrogation techniques—makes me quite nervous.  On the other hand, perhaps seeing for himself the sobering picture presented by highly classified national security intelligence is also serving as a reminder of just what we’re up against when it comes to the jihadists who hate us.  Perhaps it explains his retention Defense Secretary Robert Gates and his expansion of renditions (to the utter dismay of the left.)     

Hey, I’m all for diplomacy first.  But there’s a nagging voice inside my head telling me that the people who live and die for a religion that advocates killing and martyrdom are not in the frame of mind for wheedling, make-nice diplomacy.  This nagging voice goes on to say that the people who recruit women (and often times the mentally disabled) and purposely organize their rapes in order to convince them that martyrdom is their only chance to erase their shame will not listen to placating platitudes and well-intentioned diplomacy. 

I know there are many people who desire the world to love the United States.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting good relationships with other countries.  It is a desire born out of noble intentions.  However, our very existence is the problem to the terrorists.  The world won’t be right for them until and unless we are wiped off the planet.  I myself don’t feel the loss of love from terrorists who make known their desire to kill US citizens.  I don’t agonize that al Qaeda hates the West for being the West.  Sometimes I feel that the Americans who say they want our good name restored (or whatever) are like the well-intentioned parents who would rather their children love them than respect them.  And good parents know that gaining respect sometimes warrants toughness and a willingness to forego friendship in order to make way for the possibility of future respect. 

I fervently hope that President Obama makes decisions regarding our national security based upon prudence and not upon what is politically expedient.  When it comes to keeping our country safe, there is no room for blind political ideology.


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