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February 3, 2009

A little bit of everything.

1)  Something I have not blogged about, but am very pleased to report:  Last week, not a single Republican in the House voted for Obama’s stimulus bill.  (Which won’t stimulate anything; it’s a giant money-grab, laden with pork for groups such as Planned Parenthood and ACORN.)  Obama didn’t need any Republicans to vote for it to pass (which it did), but when it fails to stimulate anything, he can’t claim that it was a bipartisan decision.  The Senate votes for it in mid-February, and from what I’ve been reading, support for it among both Republicans and Democrats is waning unless billions are cut from it.  (Although GOP governors are urging it to pass; this is understandable—a little—because the states stand to receive money from it, and it will pass anyway.)  What many fail to understand is that these are not our tax dollars; the government is printing up this money as fast as it can, and when inflation hits, we’ll feel it in a big way.  And we think the economy is bad NOW.

Thanks to everyone who got on the phone to their state representatives and let them know how you feel.  The phones were burning up last week.

2)  imagesPro-life Catholic Michael Steele is the new Republican National Committee chairman.  He got a law degree after studying in the priesthood, and desires to steer the party back to its conservative roots.  This is a great thing for the party, and if he succeeds in reaffirming conservatism within the party, it will be unstoppable.  The GOP went through its crisis precisely because RINOs like John McCain, among others, almost completely abandoned conservative principles and made themselves Democrat-Light.  People aren’t excited to get behind a candidate whose policies don’t differ that greatly from his opponent’s.  Read more about Steele here.

3) Obama expands renditions, to the heartache and outrage of his left-wing base.  Well, what other option is there, with Guantanimo set to close?  Faced with the realities of terrorist threat, Obama probably realizes that keeping the country safe is pretty, um, important. 

4)  I finally joined a social networking site.  I feel a mixture of pleasure and qualm, as I re-connect with People I have Known from the Past.  Since I finally joined the 21st century, I expect the next Big Thing to appear this week, and I will, once again, be left in the dust.  Thus far, I have enjoyed realizing that most people lead infinitely more exciting lives than do I.  (And I still can’t help but feel rather fourteenish as I become friends with others.  Yes, I’m sure I’ll get over it sooner or later.)  When I went to put some pictures on my profile page, I came to the realization that there are hardly any pictures of me, as I’m generally the one behind the camera.  Probably just as well.

5) The kitchen is nearing completion.  Only four more doors to paint.  Then we’ll go ahead and re-do the floor, as we figure we’ve been in this for about a month, and we might as well keep going.  I will post pictures at that point.


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