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January 26, 2009

Explanations and a dose of double standards

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One of the reasons I blog is because, for me, the strength of feeling sometimes becomes too much to bear without pouring it all out in writing.  Most of the time this is in response to the fact that I care about the greatest nation on earth, and would kind of prefer to keep it that way for the sake of my offspring.  

Upon examination, something that seems to trigger my writing response most frequently is the overwhelming amount of double standards that I see around me by people—usually those in the media—regarding the people in power, and the targets of those double standards happen to usually fall under the category entitled, “conservatives,” anyone who professes to be “religious” (however, to be “spiritual” is A-ok, a la Oprah), and often times “Catholics.”  So, I get to let off steam, have some fun, and point out these blunders through my writing.  Sometimes I do feel that I must risk being shunned by the “cool people” and take a stand against those people infected with Bush Derangement Syndrome.  I do wish to point out that I didn’t agree with every move of Bush, he sort of paved the way for the Democratic spending spree—er, I mean stimulus package—and I didn’t like that at all.  But, I have to correct misinformation if I can when I encounter it. 

I ran across a list of double standards, compiled by Elizabeth Scalia, aka the Anchoress, currently being employed by the lapdog media regarding the first few days of the Reign of Obama.  (Recall, Obama will not simply lead, he will reign.) 

Here is an excerpt.  Do go over to the Anchoress to read the whole thing (Aboard Air Force One & More):

“This administration will not torture”: Unless we feel it’s prudent to. Any criticism from the left? :::I hear chirping:::

“If innocent civilians are killed in war, you’re a war criminal and a terrorist”: Except when you’re not named Bush. :::chirp:::

This administration will close Gitmo: Just as soon as we’ve found appropriate terrorist cells to which the prisoners may be transferred. :::chirp:::

“This administration will ban lobbyists”: Except when we don’t. Oh, wait, you thought he was serious about that? :::chirp:::

“We are post-partisan and I will listen to everyone:” Except we’re not really and um…forget that. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” :::chirp:::

“It is arrogant, divisive, rude, hubristic and IMPERIAL to suggest that as President you are the “decider”: Until a Democrat says “I won; I will trump you.” At that point, it’s self-assured, direct and reassuringly authoritative. :::chirp:::

“Too much power consolidated in the White House is a very bad thing:” Except when it’s not. Hello? :::chirpchirpchirp:::

The quagmire of war: Lowering expectations until he can be called the Great Liberator of People, as George W. Bush has been soundly called. Oh, wait…

“This administration” will not use these words?: Democracy” or “democratic” or umm…“life”…or “pay…taxes…”. Whoops, I’m sure that last bit about the taxes is wrong. We’ll pay them. Others may not have to, but you and I will pay them. Yes, indeed. And we’ll do it with a smile, or be called selfish and un-American.


Dissent = Treason?: No, wait, dissent is still the very highest, ultimate form of patriotism. No, really. It is. And asking questions is good. Except when it’s not. Then it’s “obstruction.” It’s complicated. Back when Bush was president, it was okay (and good, and healthy for democracy) if you said the president was a terrorist, and a nazi-fascist, who should be assassinated. Now, if you just hope the president fails at promoting socialist policies, well…that’s arguably treasonist, baby, “arguably treasonist.” Got that? Wanna fantasize about assasination, actively work to expose sensitive policies in wartime and incessantly talk down the economy for one president? That’s alllllll good! Hope the other one fails? Treason. Evil treeeaasson!   

There’s more, here.

And one more story: 

The brilliantly dull Nancy Pelosi, on how massively funding contraceptives will stimulate the economy.  Less babies=more money!  No wonder the Democrats push abortion to such a degree.



  1. Well, I think you’re “cool” Lindy.

    Comment by dsgawrsh — January 27, 2009 @ 9:20 pm |Reply

  2. Aw, thanks, Diane.

    Comment by lindyborer — January 28, 2009 @ 7:22 am |Reply

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