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January 22, 2009

Obama looks to overturn Mexico City Policy

baraobam29Barack Obama is wasting no time in endeavoring to overturn the Mexico City Policy, started by Reagan in 1984 (named for the venue of the UN Population conference where it was announced), kept by Bush one, overturned by Clinton, and upheld by Bush two.  The Mexico City Policy prohibits forcing taxpayers to help fund abortions and those who promote them abroad.  So, it starts.  I find it rather ironic that the same man who campaigned on promises to reduce abortions is now actively seeking to overturn a policy that does just that. 

I stumbled upon probably the most scathing critique of Obama yet—and trust me, this is hard to do.  Most journalists are busy fawning over Obama’s chiseled pecs or sticking it to bigoted rednecks to actually just objectively report the news.  Anyway, Gerard Warner holds nothing back, and I can’t say that he’s not completely accurate in his assessment.  Remember this line from the Inaugural Address?  “We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense, and for those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents, we say to you now that our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken; you cannot outlast us, and we will defeat you.”   Warner caught the irony in this statement as well: 

To anyone who kept his head, the string of Christmas cracker mottoes booming through the public address system on Washington’s National Mall can only excite scepticism. It is crucial to recall the reality that lies behind the rhetoric. Denouncing “those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents” comes ill from a man whose flagship legislation, the Freedom of Choice Act, will impose abortion, including partial-birth abortion, on every state in the Union. It seems the era of Hope is to be inaugurated with a slaughter of the innocents

As Fr. Andrews pointed out during mass, Barack Obama’s election represents the breaking down of a barrier; a black man now holds the highest office in the land, when only fifty-some years ago, a black person was not even considered a full person—they were fractions of a person.  An entire class of people was deemed somehow less human than all others.  Obama’s election did break that barrier down—a great thing for our country.  Unfortunately, through his radical pro-abortion agenda he is essentially erecting another, greater barrier:  The dehumanization of an entire group of small people, the unborn, deemed somehow less deserving of rights than all others.  It is a sad thing, and no matter how great a step forward his election is in regard to the black civil rights movement, it is an even greater step back for the civil rights of humanity itself.  Actively seeking to destroy the most vulnerable among us and promoting a culture of death represents the beginning of the decline of civilization.

This is especially poignant precisely due to the inordinately large percentage of black babies who are aborted in this nation.  African Americans comprise roughly 12% of the population, but comprise nearly 40% of all abortions.  In promoting abortion so radically, Obama is in essence supporting the decline of his own people.   

So far, 77 members of Congress have signed a letter to Obama, asking him not to overturn the Mexico City Policy (courtesy

“As a new administration begins, it is our hope you will work, as you have pledged, to create a new era of bi-partisan cooperation. We urge you to continue the Mexico City Policy, which separates abortion and family planning in America’s foreign aid programs,” the bipartisan group of lawmakers wrote Obama on Friday.” 

For Obama to go forth with this renews my cynicism in his wishing for bipartisan cooperation.  He will be doing so over the objections of many in Congress.

Back to the piece by Warner:

It is questionable whether the present political system can survive the coming crisis. Whatever the solution, teenage swooning sentimentality over a celebrity cult has no part in it. The most powerful nation on earth is confronting its worst economic crisis under the leadership of its most extremely liberal politician, who has virtually no experience of federal politics. That is not an opportunity but a catastrophe.

These are frank, even ungracious, words: they have the one merit that, unlike almost everything else written today about Obama, they will not require to be eaten in the future.

Yes, please, enough of the teenage swooning.  Obama is not the fifth Beatle.  Let’s judge him by his actions, and not his cult of personality.  As Juan Williams stated in this WSJ editorial, judge Obama on his perfomance alone. 


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  1. NBC rejected this ad which wanted to run during the Super Bowl. Cowards!

    Comment by Lisa — January 31, 2009 @ 7:46 pm |Reply

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