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January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day

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No one likes a party-pooper, so here is the obligatory Inaugural Day paragraph, in which I will endeavor to use all the appropriate key words.  You may keep track if you wish.

historic    first black president     righting wrongs     peaceful transition of power     pride     hope      change         

Today is a historic day in the United States.  For the first time in our nation’s history, we will inaugurate the first black man into the nation’s highest office, righting the wrongs of our past.  Whether you voted for him or not, we can take pride in our country’s peaceful transition of power, just as we can hope for a better future with the change brought by him.  

Indeed, American can take pride in this historic, inspirational disaster

Okay, now that that’s over with, I’m going to do some linking around. 

Today we also say goodbye to the man who has done some great things during his eight years in office.  It is seldom that the character of a man has put me and so many others to shame to such a scale.  Bush:  A man who truly displayed humility; who took the shameful and downright embarrassing, unfair treatment given him with unimaginable grace.  A man who stood up for principle and didn’t cave in the face of all the haters.  A man whose main objective was to stand up for good vs. evil, life vs. death.   A man who kept this country safe from terrorism.  He will be missed.  Every president makes mistakes while in office (some even before they take office, ahem.)  But I think history will be kind to this man.

One of Bush’s greatest legacies, I believe, will be his overwhelming concern for the dignity of all human persons, especially the unborn.  If you read nothing else today, at least read this, George Bush and the Least of These.  The efforts he made on the part of human lives across the globe cannot and should not be ignored.  There’s a reason he’s sometimes called our most Catholic president.  From the link:


His first serious public act –and his first address to the nation as President– was refusing to allow federal funding on human embryos. Here’s my list of everything he did to build a culture of life in eight years –which doesn’t include a few things he’s done since, including clarifying conscience rules for medical professionals and declaring Sanctity of Human Life Day. This baby was a frozen embryo rescued by Operation Snowflake. Bush invited the group to the White House for a photo op to help the rest of us see what we are advocating when we support embryonic stem cell research.

I often find it useful and good for me to take a step back from the little details of daily living and to think on an eternal scale.  And I imagine one day standing before God in judgement, and as intimidating as that thought is, I do take comfort in knowing that I voted for a man who valued, protected, and fought for “the least of these” as described in Matthew.  I take comfort in knowing that I did NOT vote for a man who has not.  (Who, in fact, voted four times to deny medical care to infants born alive after unsuccessful abortions.)  Yes, I take a great deal of comfort in that.  I’m still praying Obama has a change of heart and does the right thing as he takes office.

The Anchoress has a full list of great links about Bush’s legacy, among other things, today.     

One last item regarding our outgoing president and those who live to revile him:  Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS)  is an actual, documented, psychological phenomenon.  Here is an interesting perspective on BDS and those afflicted by it, To Trash Bush Was to Belong.  They still feel the need to fit in.  Aren’t they cool?

Happy Inauguration Day.  Best of luck to President Obama.



  1. Thanks for this post. Needed to remember that not all that government does is evil.

    Comment by Erin — January 20, 2009 @ 9:28 am |Reply

  2. Your Iowahawk link was LOL funny..then you have the sobering reality that it’s probably right on…then it’s downright scary.

    Comment by Bridge — January 20, 2009 @ 1:07 pm |Reply

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