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January 15, 2009


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Note:  The above is not usually a compliment.  People use this term when they encounter something they do not like, but don’t want to say it.  Hey, it’s okay.  I’ve used it before myself.  And you know that the longer the pause between the two words, the less likely the phrase is to be favorable.  Go ahead.  Run it through your head, you know it’s true.

It is precisely the type of thing David and I are steeling ourselves to hear as people peek in at our “new” kitchen.   

David and I are terribly pleased with the way the kitchen is starting to come together.  We sat around in there this morning giggling about how well the counters turned out.  We were giddy, but in retrospect, I think it had a bit more to do with the high concentration of fumes pouring off their freshly stained and varnished surface than anything. 

What?  Did you say “stain” and “varnish” and “counters” in the same sentence, you ask?  You betcha.  We put in wood countertops.   Two and a half lengths of 2 by 12s, and we like it.  People always bring up the water/scratching issue, but I don’t worry, as I don’t normally prepare food directly on top of the counters, nor do I pour glasses of water there on a regular basis, either.  And if they do get dinged…well, we don’t care.  It fits the look, plus, they’re really easy and cheap to replace should we tire of them in a few years.  I will post pictures, but not until it’s finished. 

(Incidentally, I think I’d better crack a window or something.  I just accidentally typed “cheep” instead of “cheap” and nearly had a paroxysm laughing about it.) 

I’m also enmired in a bidding war on a new kitchen faucet on ebay.  I think it’s not a good thing.  I feel lecherous.  Covetous.  Greedy.  Ultra-competitive.  It’s uncomfortable and exhilarating all at the same time.  My eyes just went from green to greener.  It will be mine.   HA HA!  Seriously, it’s a great faucet, and the best thing about it is that it’s not the most expensive item on the page; it’s actually a great price.  

Incidentally, it simply doesn’t seem possible that this picture will ever be a reality any time soon.  It was -14 degrees this morning.  I suppose that if we didn’t have a winter, we’d never truly experience the joy of spring.  Funny, but waxing philosophical about it still doesn’t make me like winter.



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