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December 30, 2008

A confession

I’m going to make a confession today.  Last night, after the kids went to bed (early for a change) I sat down in my chair with a hot drink and picked up People and Glamour magazine (checked out from the library).  Yes, I chose to peruse these pinnacles of literary excellence while  passing right over the latest issue of National Review, the Bible, and the Catholic missal sitting on the table next to my chair.  Blogging about it this morning is my penance. 

This is what I gleaned from my forays.

1) Tina Fey is one of Barbara Walters’ ten most fascinating people of the year because she did such an excellent job ridiculing and lying about Sarah Palin, while Rush Limbaugh is one of the ten because he was one of very few in the media in opposition to Obama, and Obama won.  In People’s own words, “Obama won.  So much for how influential Limbaugh is.”  Apparently, People magazine’s logic is at the same level as a first-grader’s.

2)  Judging from the letters to the editor, a LOT of people voted for Obama to “take part in a history-making election.”  Many cited Obama’s “honesty” and “compassion” as reasons for their votes.  No doubt they did extensive research about his past record.  His voting four times to deny infants born alive after a botched abortion medical care obviously displays best this compassion (as well as his many attempts to cover up those four votes displays his unfailing honesty.)

3)  It is apparently okay to voice one’s support of veganism out of a “passion for animal protection” and in the same breath support pro-abortion politicians and policies.

4) Typical Glamour readers do not like Sarah Palin because she’s 1) pro-life 2) she posed for a picture with her daughter next to “the animal carcass [she shot] after hunting.  I was disgusted.  How could a woman bring her child along to such a gruesome act of ‘fun’?  I’m not an animal activist, but I am compassionate.”  Ah, compassion again.  I wonder if this disgusted reader feels the same sort of disgust at the number of babies aborted every day in this country. 

5) After 75 pages of non-stop advice on “how to look sexy for your man,” there is an editorial deploring the rising trend of 8 year old girls showing up with their mothers for bikini waxes.  Known to marketers as KGOY, Kids Getting Older Younger, this phenomenon, according to Glamour editors, can be “pernicious when applied to girls and their changing bodies.  Treatments like waxing come with another disturbing message:  That it’s never too soon to start thinking about pleasing a man.”  All true.  I’ll bet they they finished the editorial just in time to finish the article on page 140, “When should you sleep with him?”

6) My interest no doubt by this time piqued, I flipped over to the aforementioned article, and what to my wondering eyes should appear….this:  “Not to go all prude on you, but some experts say that jumping into bed too soon is the #1 relationship mistake women make now.  Wait a little–for better sex and stronger love.”  Hey, I think they may be onto something!  Of course, in the middle of the article, they hasten to add, “Asking yourself whether you’re having sex too soon doesn’t mean catapulting back to the days when women weren’t entitled to be as freely, truly, madly, and deeply sexual men.  It’s about ‘too soon’ for your OWN [my emphasis] well-being and happiness, not ‘too soon’ in the eyes of the world.”  Well, I’m glad that got cleared up.  (For an excellent exegesis on the complete and total divorce of sex and procreation prevalent in today’s culture, read the link to Jennifer F.’s How I became pro-life from my last post.  It explains a little the phenomena of people’s abject startlement of actually getting pregnant from having sex.)

7) Every other article or ad is for the Susan G. Komen for a cure for breast cancer awareness and research.  Of course,  Susan G. Komen is one of the lead contributors to Planned Parenthood, who is the number one provider of abortions, which is a procedure whose end result is not only a destroyed life, but also a lead contributor to breast cancer later in life.  How about THAT for a unique (though incredibly disturbing) business strategy? (Not to mention the plethora of ads for every form of birth control imaginable…including the IUD, which was originally intended for use in camels.)

Similarly, it is interesting to note the complete and total lack of coverage of the overwhelming role oral contraceptives play in the development of breast cancer.  The blogger over at nfpworks files this under, “Hello, McFly,” and I think I’ll follow suit.  I read about this latest study about the effects of hormone use on breast cancer rates, and I was astonished to find no mention in the article about the ramifications this might have on women who take the Pill.  Hello?  No mention.  Nothing.  Nada.  It only mentioned the use of hormones by menopausal women.  Seriously.  You’ve simply got to read the link above.  And, while you’re at it, check this out:  Protecting the pill.  Or, google “birth control” and “lawsuits”.         

I could go on (and on and on), but I think I’ve made my point.  The values being represented are so twisted that it’s hard for me to fathom.  Of course, I say this knowing that I’ll end up getting the obligatory, “You’re so judgemental and self-righteous” comment.  You know what, I know I fall short, and I know that sometimes, yes, I can be judgemental.  I am, after all, a human being.  But it seems like, anymore, one either has to risk accusations of being judgemental or—my personal favorite—“close-minded” by having the gall to suggest that there exists in this universe something called “right” or “wrong,” or succumb as so many others have to that liberal notion that whatever is right for me is…right.   When one falls for this moral relativism and adopts it for one’s own personal mantra, then, yes, my suggesting that something is wrong would be classified as judgemental.  But allow me to suggest that ascribing to moral relativism is probably the most un-intellectual, disingenuous, rationally irresponsible and dangerous philosophy around today.  After all, nothing can ever be wrong if everything is relative.  Nothing. 

I went to bed last night feeling…icky.  I think I’ve learned my lesson.  From now on, I’ll skip People and Glamour in favor of more enlightened reading.


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