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December 18, 2008

Mission: Accomplished

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Hark!  The shopping trip is in the books, and everything went quite smoothly.  Our marriage didn’t suffer any traumatizing blows, either.  This is fortuitous, indeed, as we even went to a large home-improvements store to look for tile and hardware for the upcoming kitchen remodel.  And we were both in complete agreement about what we liked (and didn’t like!)  This bodes well for the time when the kitchen is torn apart for a month or two during the renovation. 

We’ve been planning to carry out Phase Two of the kitchen remodel sometime this winter.  Last winter saw the fake-rock paneling and fluorescent lighting eradicated and replaced with an incandescent light fixture and wainscoting.  I cannot tell you the difference this has made in the delicious meals I lovingly prepare (largely because there isn’t one.)  However, my skin and sensibilities do not mesh with flourescent lighting.  Many women agree.  No longer do I feel like I’m walking into an igloo each morning when I flip on the light, or feel the ghostly pallor of white light on my puffy, sleep-ridden eyes. 

Phase Two will entail a bit more:  we’re going to get rid of the orange 70’s style cabinetry with paint (painting woodwork IS okay, sometimes, trust me.)  We’re going to put in new countertops, move the range and dishwasher, and add a tile backsplash.  The linoleum will be torn up and I think I may know someone who can sand the oak flooring that lies underneath. (wink)  Doesn’t sound like much, does it?  It should be interesting, to say the very least.  Nothing really tests the mettle of a relationship like a good, old-fashioned house remodel.

I stayed up until midnight wrapping the kids’ presents, and here I am again at 6 am at the computer, but today is Eliza’s second birthday, and I have to finish decorating her cake.  

Since I’ve had the privilege of having children (actually HAVING them), I contend that birthdays are just as important for mothers, too.  And so naturally my mind has been drifting back to the day two years ago that Eliza made her grand entrance into this world, and it also reminds me that my Female Problem page has been stagnant for three months.  I think I will add to it this very moment…


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