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December 11, 2008

Relics, then and now

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I celebrated my birthday on the 9th, and proceeded to fall to pieces soon after.  I have a ridiculously sore throat, and have reacted to…something…which has made my face look like that of an teenager.  Really, I thought by 28 one would have left zits to the annals of adolescence.  I suppose it is God’s way of keeping me humble. 

I wanted to share a picture of the birthday gift from my parents:  The telephone from my grandparents’ farm! 

dsc04470-2It reminds me how much things have changed over the last 100 years.  I am thrilled with it; we live in an old house which lends itself nicely to my affinity for decorating it with antiques. (or, as David likes to say, “junk.”)  All you antiques-lovers out there know that nothing beats an antique better than a meaningful antique.  The kids, too, were enthralled, and have spent a lot of time messing around with it.  (Linus, into the mouthpiece:  “Mom.  DO YOU READ ME?”)  There were many jokes flying around after the gift arrived, most of them from David:  “There’s no way THAT is going to fit in my pocket,” and “Wow, if we thought Mom was old, just how old does that make Grandma?” (who remembers talking on it.)

Yes, it’s amazing how things change in such a short amount of time.  My kids have seldom even seen a telephone with a cord, and have rarely even experiened a land line phone, as all we have are cell phones.  

So, this relic is going to hang on my wall as a reminder of the way things were.



  1. I can’t believe it’s still in one piece after all this time… 🙂 That’s amazing!

    Comment by An Huynh — December 11, 2008 @ 12:25 pm |Reply

  2. Whenever I go through the Spaceship Earth ride at EPCOT I am reminded of how things used to be because there is a scene in there with the operators having to connect calls with wires. I suppose when this phone was in use, that is how people were connected. I am ahead of you, kid, by almost ten years, but it is still hard to remember times when you had to pull over and use a payphone or stay within cord distance of the phone (no hiding in your room where parents couldn’t hear). I’m not into antiques, but my mom is and she would think your gift was way cool.

    Comment by dsgawrsh — December 11, 2008 @ 4:38 pm |Reply

  3. Ahh… I have thought of that old phone a time or two and wondered where it went. Now I know. Glad it’s in the hands of someone who will “love” it!

    Comment by donna — December 12, 2008 @ 12:48 am |Reply

  4. I think that we were still using that phone 50 years ago or less. I remember using it from time to time. We were on a party line and our “ring” was two longs and a short, if I remember correctly. Two of our neighbor ladies used to spend a lot of time on the phone (party line, remember?), which would irritate my dad when he needed to use the phone.

    Comment by Larry — December 12, 2008 @ 11:35 am |Reply

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