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December 1, 2008

I’m baaack.

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A four day blog hiatus!  I think I’ve forgotten how to type! 

Thanksgiving weekend is over.  Now we can focus on Advent.  I love it, and I love watching the kids love it. 

Rudolph the Fish is not looking well.  We had to leave for a couple of days, and I think his water got a little too chilly.  I must admit that I wouldn’t be that upset if he did go belly-up; his bowl is sitting in the spot where I usually put Christmas decorations. 

I got the Christmas lights up outside before we left with and didn’t even lose my religion.  Hooray!

I attempted to get a decent family picture taken of the four of us as we were all decked out in our gear before heading over to celebrate Thanksgiving/Christmas with my mom’s side of the family.  I sort of had “Christmas card” in my head.  There’s only four of us, and two of us are adults and should be able to look in the direction of the camera and smile.  Right?  Linus thinks that every picture should be a “silly” picture, Eliza is suspicious, unimpressed and therefore grim-faced, and Lindy is preoccupied with the kids.  That leaves David the victim of “male-camera-itis disease,” the common affliction among males to smile as unnaturally as humanly possible, baring the teeth in what looks like a cross between pain and a sneer.  Perhaps just a letter this year.

And now I’m just catching up around here, online and elsewhere.  I feel detached from the world of news and politics, being away from home for a long weekend.  It’s quite refreshing.  But I know I’ll dive right back in.


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  1. Welcome back! The trick to a good family picture for the Christmas card is to let the professionals handle it. We did ours this year with two dogs and Santa Claus. If not for the jingle bells behind the camera man and our complete focus on just looking forward and smiling and trusting, we never would have gotten the picture. Every year one dog is looking this way and the other that way when we try to do them ourselves. This year we got the perfect picture. I’ll probably post it on Christmas day on my blog. Glad your back in the saddle, I missed your political and life observations.

    Comment by dsgawrsh — December 2, 2008 @ 6:52 pm |Reply

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