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November 25, 2008

Media malpractice

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Many have heard about or seen the poll conducted of Obama voters as they left the polling place on YouTube or other sources; Zogby conducted a similar poll.  See the results here.  The poll showcased a complete inability by Obama voters to answer basic questions, like “Who controls Congress?” “Who is Nancy Pelosi?” and “Who is Harry Reid?” but interestingly knew all about Sarah Palin’s pregnant daughter and Palin’s wardrobe budget.  Very unflattering for liberals.  But, who needs facts when “hope and change” are on the ballot?  You can read more about the poll here.   

The conclusion being drawn by the organizer of the poll, John Zeigler, is that media completely failed to inform the general populace of relevant issues regarding both candidates during the election.  Zeigler has also produced a web video entitled “How Obama Got Elected.”  You really have to see it. 

Fair-minded people on the left and right are admitting the same; the media helped get Obama elected by ignoring numerous relevant details about Obama and spending an inordinate amount of time dragging Palin (and McCain) through the mud at every opportunity.  I’m not saying that each and every citizen is not ultimately responsible for doing his own thorough research about candidates and their policies, but the media previously always served as the objective and fair means of helping the citizenry be informed. 

While many moderate Republicans and various turncoat “conservative” columnists like Kathleen “I scream my own name in bed” Parker are advocating getting rid of the social conservatives to reinvigorate the GOP, it’s interesting to note that many of these social conservatives simply stayed at home on Election day because of the moderate Republican on the ticket.  Conservative principles did NOT lose in this election; they were not on the ballot. (Other than Sarah Palin.  How many voters voted FOR Palin, or simply AGAINST Obama?  Here’s one of them.) 

The media, for the most part, completely ignored talking about social issues.  Yes, the economy was front and center, but there was still reluctance to bring up issues like abortion.  Obama’s abortion record is atrocious, and the media knows it; thus we heard little about it.  I think it’s a large part of why Obama still garnered roughly half of the “pro-life” Catholic vote.  Too many Catholics simply were uninformed of the radicalism of Obama’s abortion record.  Here is an excellent short article about this from Fr. Euteneuer at Human Life International. 

That, and the “social justice” concerned Catholics chose simply to ignore his abortion record while continually choosing to ignore facts for feelings…and hope…and change.  I can already see a schism in the Catholic ranks between the social justice Catholics and the pro-life Catholics.  And unfortunately for the social justice Catholics, the Catholic hierarchy is not on their side.  The right to life is basic and foundational, and without it, it renders social justice moot, a point that is being heavily emphasized by numerous US Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, priests, and the Pope himself.  (I think one should keep in mind, too, that many self-described Catholics use the term in more of a cultural sense; i.e., the self-identified Jewish atheist.) 

Besides, define “social justice.”  Catholics who voted for Obama somehow feel that Obama and/or Democrats are better with social justice issues.  I wholeheartedly disagree, which I will elaborate upon in another post.  Socialism does not equal social justice.  Neither does abortion at all costs and for any reason.  Abortions is arguably the antithesis of social justice. 

Meanwhile, Obama is selecting the most anti-life, anti-family radicals he can for his administration, and just announced a vocal pro-abortion leader, Ellen Moran, as his communications director.  He has his eye on overturning Bush’s ban on the federal funding of embryonic stem cell research and the Mexico City policy, which prohibits the use of federal funds to promote abortions abroad.  And the frightful specter of FOCA casts a manacing shadow over it all. 

Obviously, many Catholics were simply uniformed about Obama’s very pro-abortion predilections, just like the general populace.  It is how (you’ll recall from an earlier post) the sweet old lady next to me in mass whispered, “I still don’t know who to vote for” after the homily about the importance of not voting for a pro-abortion candidate.  She simply didn’t know who was the pro-life candidate.  The mainstream media (probably the only source of news this lady has) was completely silent about informing the electorate the candidates’ stands on abortion.

Stay informed.  Let’s not let history repeat itself in four years.


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  1. Kathleen “I scream my own name in bed” Parker – that’s hilarious!!! I love it!

    Comment by dsgawrsh — November 25, 2008 @ 6:40 pm |Reply

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