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November 17, 2008

Obama looks to bring back federal ESCR funding

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One of the Bush executive orders that Obama is eyeing to overturn is the federal funding ban on human embryonic stem cell research (ESCR). 

Using human embryos, created specifically for this purpose and then destroyed, is seen as unethical.  Yes, it is unethical, but what really steams me is that embryonic stem cells are scientifically worthless when compared with the advances made by using stem cells from ethical sources, namely umbilical cord blood and from adults.  (Why do you think we spent some moolah to collect and store Eliza’s cord blood cells when she was born?  It’s not because the science wasn’t there.) 

So, what conceivable purpose would Obama overturning a ban on ESCR have, other than overturning a Bush order to appease the rabid left and further alienating the pro-life movement? 

Well, I can’t think of any, either.

Of course, the only way that proponents of ESCR can stay afloat is through federal funding; private donations are virtually nil, as donaters are aware of its dead-in-the-water status.  There is no promise there, no matter what some celebrity may claim.   

From RedState:

“As to the science, to date ESCR has been the most overhyped area of biomedical research with its successes painfully rare and its failures of staggering proportions. When balanced against research involving adult stem cells and cord blood stem cells, especially as neither of which bears the ethical baggage of ESCR, ESCR looks like nothing more than a latter day Philosoper’s Stone.

As I said, people are policy. The appointment of Dr. Moreno [by Obama] to this position means the existing ESCR regulations will be overturned. And in the hope of making Christopher Reeves’s everywhere walk again we will siphon on increasingly scarce research dollars on a scientific dead end which has no other rational objective but to stick its finger in the eye of the pro-life movement.”

Pro-life, pro-Obama?  Please, give me a break.


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  1. This is not about sticking a finger in the eye of the pro-life movement. However it is about money. Follow it … you’ll find politicians at the end of the trail. For the fanatics, it’s also about an ideological agenda. Slippery slope arguments aren’t usually considered valid logic, however the more I watch what’s happening, the more valid they seem. Google: bioethics, euthenasia, etc. and you will find some nutty groups and some scarily legitimate scientists advocating for genetic and subsequent societel engineering .. the idea of a “super” man persists. It’s frightening.

    Comment by steadfast tin soldier — November 20, 2008 @ 11:29 pm |Reply

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