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November 14, 2008

The name that inspires dread.

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I read this today and thought it so peculiarly disturbing that I felt it blogworthy.

California Catholic Daily reports: 

“We had seven prayer warriors and two sidewalk counselors at Family Planning Associates in San Diego today, Wednesday, Nov. 5. While the day began slowly, sadly it picked up — and by the time we left, there had been approximately fifteen women who had gone into the mill. Thanks be to God, we had one miraculous turn-around and possibly two.

The entire morning was stranger than usual. You could feel the oppression. I had women who, when pulling in, instead of the usual swearing or cursing, mouthed “Obama” at me, as if it were a curse. In fact, I had about five or six women do the exact same thing this morning. More than most refused anything, but those that did stop listened with intent.”

Why do I feel that I would almost rather be cursed at than having someone mouth “Obama” at me at an abortion clinic?  Perhaps it is because these “mouthers” somehow reaffirm the frightening proposition that the man with the name is their abortion savior–someone who will stop at nothing to stop people trying to help women seeking abortions find other alternatives.  Plus, there’s just something downright diabolic about it all.  Linda Blairish, if you will.

Were I a politician, I would find it troublesome to have anyone equate my name with the enabling of the destruction of innocent babies.


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