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November 14, 2008

On having babies

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I’ve been neglecting The Female Problem page of late.  It’s been politics, politics around here for some time.  I’m going to try to update it here very soon.  Women who are currently having children have a love/hate relationship with this topic, and cannot get enough of it.  I am in that group as well.  Having a baby (actually having it) is a transformational, startling, awesome thing.  Pregnancy is a strange, weird, wonderful, miraculous pain in the ass, too.  I think many women would like to talk about it more, but upon caring for a newborn baby and possibly other children, find that there’s no time to do so, and the women who are interested, being young moms themselves, haven’t the time to brush their teeth in the morning, either.   

One area of this vast subject that interest, confounds, and infuriates me is the push for better birthing experiences largely by the very same people who push for abortion.  These women talk about the importance of a baby being born gently and lovingly (I agree), but go on in the same sentence to champion abortion rights, and equate options in childbirth with “reproductive rights.”  Hey, ladies, abortion is not “gentle.”  I’ve tried to point out the little dilemma this presents for the birth movement, or whatever you want to call it.  (I hate “movements.”  I don’t want to be equated with any “movement.”  But alas.)

I’ve stated frequently that, should it come down to my support for increased midwifery legislation in the name of broader abortion rights, or the State of Obstetrics as They Stand Today (which isn’t great, let me tell you), I would be for the latter, since I believe that babies have a right to be treated gently throughout pregnancy, too, and should have the right to live long enough be caught by a midwife in the first place.

Just as many women who choose to have their babies with a midwife in attendance are not granola-munching, tie-dyed wearing, abortion-rights activist, Birckenstock-bedecked lesbians.  But somehow many of these types are the ones who are the most vocal when it comes to the sad state of affairs in obstetrics.  Just as many women feel the same way, but they don’t happen to use the same language as abortion rights when advocating for better birth experiences in this country.  They’re not two sides of the same coin.  And I just think it’s sadly hilarious, the apparent disconnect that goes on in the minds of these women who want gentle births for babies while simultaneously lobbying for increased access to pre-born baby dismemberment. 

However, increased midwifery legislation is making great strides in various states, and interestingly enough, it’s often pro-life Republicans who are advocating for it (see, Missouri, and a homeschooler’s role in helping get the legislation passed by discovering the meaning of “tocological.”)  Hopefully enough people advocating for better midwifery legislation are aware of the grave mistake they would be making to use pro-abortion language synonymously with pro-midwifery legislation.  It would be shooting themselves in the foot, because many lawmakers would not support something that sounds similar.  (Not to mention losing the support of many would-be midwifery backers.)     

So, once again, I’ve succeeded in squeezing myself into quite an incongruous confluence of ideas.  I’ve often thought that I ust be somewhat of a bafflement to anyone who might be trying to figure me out.  I’m a Catholic, pro-life, stay-at-home, conservative mom who supports midwives.  I receive Mothering magazine (which leans strongly left), National Geographic (which has gone off the Enviro-Left deep end), NRA magazine, and of course, BrainChild.  (Remember Elana Sigall?)  There’s quite a mixture of ideas there.  Reading around here is never boring.



  1. You are not alone. There is a strong group of Christian midwives of all flavors of Christianity (from staunch orthodox Catholic to home-churching to pentecostal to whatever) and we work really hard within our professional organizations (MANA and ACNM) as well as our communities. We just aren’t always visible.
    Email me if you want more information about some of what we are doing.

    Comment by alicia — November 15, 2008 @ 4:23 pm |Reply

  2. Lindy,

    Love, love, LOVE your post. As soon as I find time to brush my teeth with my newborn, toddler and other 3 kids running around I’m going to sit down and read more of your posts.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog…I promise to answer your questions soon. I also am dumbfounded on the amount of pro-death mentality in my midwifery class. It makes no sense to me whatsoever.

    God Bless!


    Comment by MamaMidwife — November 16, 2008 @ 3:24 pm |Reply

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