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November 14, 2008

Meet Rudolph the Fish

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I caved yesterday and allowed the kids to get a fish.  We have no pets around here.  No dog, cat, hamster, nothing.  Linus and Eliza both hate dogs, especially licky, jumpy ones, and they each seem to have developed a terror of cats.  I believe this is in part due to my cat, Camille, (who lives still with my parents), who nipped at Linus’s arm a while back.  She’s a cranky old hag, a Persian with an attitude, who spends most of her time asleep.  Eliza followed Linus’s lead, and they refuse to be put down should we meet with any feline specimen. 

So, I figured that a fish seems an appropriate starter-pet.  Actually, Rudolph the Fish is our second, although Eliza wasn’t around for Finley, who actually did NOT die of natural causes.  No belly-up for him.  He accidentally went down the drain in David’s sink as I was cleaning his bowl.  Linus witnessed it, but is convinced Finley “made it.”  Perhaps so.

One day we might work our way up to an animal with fur, who can interact with humans.


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