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November 11, 2008

In case you think I’m forgetting…

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The greatest tragedy of Obama’s election is still his radical abortion agenda.  This man is actively seeking the destruction of millions of babies.  That is genocide. 

In case you’ve already become complacent (or, for the “pro-life” Obama voters who already are), here’s something to wake you up.  Here is a link to another blog that is equally concerned about Obama’s abortion agenda:  The American Holocaust.

I’ve been thinking.  (Actually, it came to me as I was changing a poopy diaper.  Who says stay-at-home moms don’t have time to think deeply?)

One claims to be pro-life, yet they go on to vote for a radically pro-abortion candidate, who will pass the Freedom of Choice Act, etc… To me, becoming pro-life isn’t a simple, unemotional thing.  I talk to many people who always called themselves pro-life but then had a moment when, all at once, their eyes were actually opened to the horror of the procedure, and their hearts were torn in response, and they effectively realized what being pro-life actually means.  Suddenly, even being pro-life doesn’t seem to even come close to expressing the level of abject heartbreak that they feel upon this realization. 

So, to “pro-life” Obama supporters, I always ask…Really?  Are you really pro-life?  Because if one has truly been touched by the horror, it’s very hard for me to believe that one could ever vote for a candidate who will expand abortion….no matter how great the politician’s economic stances are.  It’s the equivalent of saying, “You know, I don’t like this Hitler guy’s viewpoints on the eradication of the Jewish people, but damn, he can give a great speech.”

I’ve written extensively in the past about abortion.  Go to the beginning of October in the archives and you’ll find some of my posts on abortion.  They’re heartbreaking, but if you feel youself becoming complacent, I’d read them as well.



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