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November 8, 2008

On the spewing forth of hate…

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All right, I must confess that I sometimes feel like I’m turning into my mother, who is aghast when someone (like me) types a swear word in this fashion: sh!t.  It’s still too much for her, and I’ve been reprimanded for such carryings on when my verbal ramblings become too animated for her sensibilities.  She is one of those truly good people in the world, almost naive but not really, who allows herself to be utterly astonished at bad behavior.  She is still one of those people that can recognize right or wrong and have the good sense to be jubilant or horrified by it.  In short, she has reserved the right of her conscience to speak to her, and she listens to it. 

I’ve been graced by such people in my life and try to learn from them in order not to become just another cold cynic with a hard-edged take on life that might border on callousness.  I don’t want to become such a person.  This world needs people like my mom.  (As much fun as it is sometimes to get a rise out of them, where would we be without these people?)

I’ve always prided myself on my ability to never underestimate what horrifying things someone might say or do.  So, sometimes it’s startling to find myself reacting to something that I’ve seen or read like Mom reacts when I type something like “sh!t.”

So what the…heck…am I talking about?  Well, it has to do with a recent article I read at the Huffington Post.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t left-leaning individuals regard this as a daily must-read?  The article is linked here, and well, I guess it kind of took me by surprise, the world-view of the author, Evan Handler.  Perhaps not his worldview on its own, but the way in which it was communicated.  Okay, perhaps a little of both.  I have been accused of “spewing hate” on this blog (because I did NOT vote for Obama), but I cannot recall ever stooping to this level.  

Let me explain further.  I like to get my information from varied sources that retain at least some level of decorum and objectivity.  And so to visit a site where many liberals go for information and opinion, and to read that I and 56 million other Americans who did not vote for Obama are described and dismissed—in one large lump—as fanatics, religious fundamentalists, misguided, unsophisticated, crass, and bigoted, is disheartening to me.  Please, someone tell me that most liberals and Democrats do not choose to be so intolerant as to resort to such faulty, unfair, and vast generalizations.  I trust that Obama voters had different reasons for voting for him, and that is their right as Americans in our fine democracy.  (Although I still maintain a racial element involved when 95% of African Americans voted for Obama, who also turned out in large numbers (70%) in favor of CA’s Proposition 8, which defined marriage as between a man and a woman, a decidedly conservative point of view.  I have also spoken with friends who voted for Obama simply to be a part of history, even though they largely disagreed with his policies.  So, I’d hate to be accused of making generalizations myself when these observations have been arrived at with much thought and based on first-hand, factual observations.)   

Don’t get me wrong; I’m fully aware the truly awful things people say on blogs—both left and right.  The thing that startled me is that this stuff was coming from a site that generates millions of visitors.  My mom is right, swearing to make points doesn’t add any semblence of credibility to any argument.  Neither does the encouragement of liberal women giving conservative men sexual favors, Mr. Handler. 

Frankly, Mr. Handler, it scares me if a lot of liberals feel about us non-liberals like you do.  I hope it’s not true, and you’re not representative of the majority of visitors to the Huffington Post.  Because if attending church each week, or supporting the rights of the unborn, or championing individual liberty, or feeling that hard-working individuals have a fundamental right to keep what they earn means that to you I am bigoted or fanatical, then I can only conclude that there’s a lot more that divides than may ever unite us. 

But more on unity later…



  1. Let’s give Mr. Handler a break. The poor guy is simply using his life experiences to guide his liberal thinking. We all know that conservative men are not driven by their cyclops. But you see liberal Mr Handler seems to think all men would respond pavlovian-like with such a sexual favor bestowed up them. And lets not miss the fact that he holds liberal females in high regard. Yeah, his point is well taken. More confirmation that I am proud to be one of the 55 million!

    Comment by Lisa — November 8, 2008 @ 10:11 am |Reply

  2. Okay, Mr. Handler needs no “breaks.” But I think it should be made clear that Mr. Handler introduced the oral sex argument as a joke. He stated – meaning I stated – that it was a joke he’d been making for a couple of weeks leading up to the election. Also, my point in the post wasn’t to state that all Republican voters are, to use your terminology, “fanatics, religious fundamentalists, misguided, unsophisticated, crass, and bigoted.” My point was to wonder how so many people could vote for a party that displayed all those qualities, and more, through eight horrendous years of mismanagement and misinformation, and after a political campaign that pandered to those who could be described that way, and do so shamelessly. And, with all respect to everyone everyone, I think it’s a valid question to ask.

    Evan Handler

    Comment by Evan Handler — November 9, 2008 @ 11:02 am |Reply

  3. My point is that the sources I and many right-leaning Americans visit for information (the conservative equivalents of HuffPost, like American Thinker or National Review) don’t have to resort to crude, demeaning oral sex jokes to make points. They usually stick to facts, based on research by very intelligent people, and feel it necessary even to cite their sources.

    And it wasn’t my terminology, but yours. But you now claim that it was just the Rep. Party that displayed those qualities, not the voters themselves. (Nuance, anyone?) Don’t try to change it now, what’s written is written. At least have the backbone to stick by what you actually did write.

    I suppose that it’s all a matter of perspectives, then, isn’t it, about how so many people could vote for a particular political party? Because just a few posts ago, I was you, Evan, rejoicing in the fact that 55+ million Americans voted to keep Barack Obama out of the White House. (Minus the crude and adolescent banter, of course.)

    You think the Republican Party is a party of mismanagement and misinformation, we think the same regarding the Democratic Party. (Actually, the Pope has called it the Party of Death. Just the type of endorsement I’d want.) Mismanagement? Two names: Chris Dodd and Barney Frank.

    So, to answer your question, a whole lot of Americans didn’t vote for Obama because they have consciences, and tend to listen to them. They thought it scary that such a radical person might actually be the leader of the free world. They had reservations about a man with such little experience answering the phone at 3 am. In short, 55+ million Americans just didn’t feel that Obama was the man for the job.

    But go ahead and stick with the 55 million bigots theory…it really speaks volumes and really promotes “unity” and “tolerance” for dissenting views, on which your party claims to have a monopoly.

    Comment by lindyborer — November 9, 2008 @ 7:50 pm |Reply

  4. Well stated, Lindy.

    Comment by Dee — November 10, 2008 @ 8:09 am |Reply

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