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November 2, 2008

Obama’s Constitution

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Okay, you all must know by now that I use this blog for venting purposes.

#1)  Catholics for Obama (or should I say, CINOs):  Leaving mass this morning, we noticed that someone had posted fliers on all the cars in the lot, outlining the candidates’ stands on abortion.  It was basically a clarion call:  Catholics may not vote for a politician who supports an intrinsic evil.  Later this afternoon, a full page ad in the newspaper stated the same.  And yet there are still Catholics out there who ignore Church teaching or rationalize their way out of it.  How anyone–Catholic or otherwise–could think there are “proportionate reasons” greater than this, I really do not know.   

Becoming a member of the church is voluntary; you may leave at any moment.  But you simply cannot vote for a man who supports the mass destruction of innocent human lives and receive the Eucharist; recall the dire warnings in the Bible of those who partake of Christ’s Body and Blood unworthily.  I am a miserable, pitiful, horrible sinner; please understand that I’m not here to judge anyone.  I simply fail to understand how some Catholics could reconcile a vote for Obama given these multiple serious warnings from those in charge.  It’s as though they’re standing there with their Obama signs, looking at the Pope with their fingers in their ears, saying, “NA NA NA NA NA NA!  I can’t hear you!  NA NA NA NA NA!”

All right. 

#2)  Back to the revealing Obama audio of 2001, where he agonizes over the fact that the Constition limits the role of government in people’s lives:  DO YOU REALIZE HOW INSANE THAT IS?

Obama’s Living Will Constitution  The truth shall set you free. 

That is the whole purpose of the document:  to protect the citizens of this country from takeover by a radical ideologue!  Please, think about that for a moment.  This speaks volumes about Barack Obama.  Just by listening to him speak, I come to the realization that this guy fits the mold of the “smartest guy in the room,” intellectual elite who wants sole power over all of us ignorant citizens.  It’s always what HE will LET US do (or not do), what HE will do with OUR money, and so on.   It is ego-overload.  The height of arrogance.  And it is dangerous. 

The great thing about America is that those in power were put there by us, and that THEY serve US, not the other way around.  I sincerely hope and pray that the clouds will be lifted from the eyes of people, and that they will come to understand the gamble taken by an Obama presidency.

I’m reading back over this post, and have come a rather ironic realization: Obama’s Constitution would ensure the right to abortion at all costs but would take away the limits on government intrusion into our lives.  Could one call that “funny?”  I don’t know if that’s the appropriate adjective.  What would you suggest?



  1. Not ha ha funny. I’d say legal extinction.

    Comment by Lisa — November 3, 2008 @ 8:19 am |Reply

  2. I’m coming to realize that a LOT of Catholics are of the “cafeteria” type. The pro-life message has been plainly proclaimed and they still are confused about who they can vote for. Most say they don’t want the church telling them how to vote. I’d say, “Why are you Catholic?”

    Comment by Dee — November 3, 2008 @ 11:24 am |Reply

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