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October 30, 2008

Obama totally misses the point AGAIN

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Stumping in Sarasota, FL today, Obama accused John McCain and Sarah Palin (and, by extension, those of us who hate the idea of wealth redistribution as well) of “trying to make selfishness a virtue.”  There he goes again.  Now we’re just being “selfish.”   

Listen, you unimaginable, ridiculously ill-informed, economically inept nincompoop!  Let me put this simply; I’ll use small words so that you can understand:  There is a difference between charity and GOVERNMENT EXTORTION.  I don’t need the strong arm of government reaching into my account and taking my money out against my wishes to give to others you deem “worthy.”  Freedom means doing this out of the goodness of one’s heart.  And if you look at Americans’ charitable giving compared to those of other countries, you’ll find that it is well above all other countries except for Israel, according to this chart.  (Of course, Israel might not be around much longer, especially if Obama is elected.) 

Interesting stuff coming from a guy whose brother lives in a hut and whose aunt lives in a slum in Boston.  One more illustration of the skewed world of Barack “I am my brother’s keeper” Obama.

UPDATE:  Speaking of charitable giving, Obama Forgot to Spread His Own Wealth.



  1. Lindy, you forgot to mention how generous Obama has been in his charitable giving as well. I guess if you won’t be your aunt’s or brother’s keeper, we shouldn’t expect much. Does that count as selfish I wonder?

    Comment by dsgawrsh — October 30, 2008 @ 4:10 pm |Reply

  2. Gotta hand it to him. He has a brilliant spin machine. Things are spun so far away from reality it seems to be tough for some people to make it back to the real world.

    Comment by Lisa — October 30, 2008 @ 5:40 pm |Reply

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