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October 29, 2008

Tax those rich bast!@*ds!

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Notice to all the Obama “tax the rich” people:  It’s just not rational. 

Read this short article:  Taxing Times by Thomas Sowell

“[T]hroughout history when dangerous, radical men have offered themselves up for leadership, their moderate supporters have rationalized their early support by hoping that the dangerous man is really a sensible man like them and doesn’t believe some of those wild things he has said to his more fervent followers. But as the campaign clock ticks down to its last days and hours, prudent people have to consider the possibility that beneath that easy manner and calming voice [of Barack Obama] is the pulsating heart of a genuine man of the radical left.” —Tony Blankley 


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  1. Dear Lindy,

    We read your articles and really liked your post about Obama. All of us patriots and true Americans know who Nobama really is and how dangerous he is to this country. Good for you for seeing him for what he really is and stands for. If you get a chance check out our blog.

    Thanks and keep the faith!

    The Patriots

    Comment by thepatriot1960 — October 29, 2008 @ 1:56 pm |Reply

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