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October 28, 2008

Obama: pitting children against parents

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In the past I have talked about Obama’s “Zero to Five” plan, which seeks universal preschool, including government-run boarding schools and in-home parenting courses, among other things.  As if that weren’t bad enough, here’s a new one. 

I’ve noticed before that the left seems to have an affinity for attempting to subvert the minds of young children and teenagers, and to turn them against their parents.  This is true of Planned Parenthood, for instance.  It is wrong, it’s despicable, and it scares this concerned parent.  I suppose that wanting to teach my own children the principles that are important to me is aligned with my abhorrence of government intrusion into aspects of life where it doesn’t belong. 

I have a subscription to Mothering magazine.  They lean left, of course, but it hasn’t gotten to the point where I’ve decided to discontinue it.  (I’m getting closer by the day.)  Of late, though, there’s been a push to limit the advertisement of certain products to children 12 and under.  Products like junk food, candy, toys, etc…  (Interesting to note:  Many of these same people who don’t want their kid to see a commercial for a candy bar openly invite the introduction to condoms and other graphic sex-ed for their kindergartners.  Go figure.)  

But what is really interesting is that many of these concerned parents are Obama-supporters.  And if you go to the official Obama website, you’ll notice a “Kids” section, complete with instructions on how to get your parents or grandparents to vote “O”.  Here is an excerpt (see here for more on this):

The one thing most grandparents have in common is that they have the most wonderful grandchildren in the world – so clever, so handsome, so pretty, ever so precious. Even if you are still unsure of your path in life, and even if your parents and friends occasionally wonder about you, your grandma and grandpa love you and have faith in you.

This is just a sample script. You know what it takes to get to them.

That is your weapon! “Precious” needs to get on the phone and say, “Grandpa, Grandma, I am asking you to vote for Barack Obama. This is really important to me. It’s about my future. It’s about the world I will be living in. It’s about the world I want for my future children. (They will love that one!) Please! Do it for me!”
Put some urgency in your voice. Sound very disappointed in them if they give you excuses. Come back again, even harder. “This is about my future – my ability to get a good job, to live a healthy life, to have the same (or even more) opportunities than you had to succeed. I have never felt more strongly about anything. I am begging you to vote for Barack Obama. I need you to do this for me!”

I’m sorry, but since when do children need a “weapon” against their parents or grandparents?  According to the above, use their unconditional love for you to advantage.  I think I’m going to be sick.  Notice especially the “let’s get them on the future grandchildren” bit.  Slick. 

I’d tend to call this sort of thing “target marketing” at its worst.  Only this time, it’s being used to get children to employ emotional manipulation on their own parents who are NOT Obama supporters.    Mothering crowd, are you upset at this?  Dr. Slogan (above link) puts it this way:

“What does our government think about this? Are they ok with targeting children with propaganda? As it turns out, they are not. When it comes to commercial advertisement, government bodies such as FDC and FDA have been going after marketers who target children age 12 and under. Yes, it’s exactly the same age group that Sen. Obama targets so explicitly. Just last year FDC along with its European counterpart pushed Masterfoods to stop marketing of its products (e.g. Snickers, Milky Way and Twix) to kids. Apparently, from the government’s perspective, kids age 12 and under are not mature enough to figure out whether Snickers are good or bad for their health, and thus can be misled by advertising. But of course, figuring out where a presidential candidate stands on taxes, abortion, education and national security is much easier. So why would the government have any problem with that?”

But if you want ultimate irony, take note of the “Babies for Obama” movement, where mothers dress their infants in pro-Obama onesies and such.  Babies for Obama?  The guy who voted FOUR TIMES to deny them medical care if they were born alive after an attempted abortion?  The most radical pro-abortion candidate to come along, probably ever?  The leading proponent of the so-called Freedom of Choice Act?  Come on, moms.  Shake yourself out of your Obama-induced stupor and think through that one for a moment.   

I know many Obama supporters are apparently dazzled by the idea of the government doing everything for them, but as for me, I’ll keep the title of “parent” for myself.



  1. Oh, Lord help us. Just last night I had a frightening vision of state run child care that is REQUIRED. You know, when your baby is six weeks old you’ll be required to put them into State care. I don’t know where it came from, but it was frightening.

    Comment by Erin — October 28, 2008 @ 12:33 pm |Reply

  2. You’ve got to be a Rush baby.

    Comment by Tim — October 29, 2008 @ 7:35 pm |Reply

  3. Actually, Tim, I’m not. But, if this is a veiled attempt at irony, you’re not succeeding. Obama’s tactics are directed toward children of non-Obama supporters, and seek to undermine a non-Obama-supporting parent or grandparent’s love for their child or grandchild through manipulation. That is sick, yet typical of some liberals (apparently typical of their presidential candidate). (There are probably guilty conservatives doing this, too.) “Rush babies”, however, are designated so because they grew up to him while their parents listened to him on the radio. A perfect right of any parent, be it Rush Limbaugh, or Air America.

    Comment by lindyborer — October 29, 2008 @ 7:56 pm |Reply

  4. This really ticks me off! I’m sending this info to my kids’ grandparents who are voting for Obama! Think it’ll make them proud?

    Comment by Lisa — October 29, 2008 @ 8:50 pm |Reply

  5. Wow, you most think your so smart posting an article about how bad Obama and government regulation is, but all you really did was use other people’s work and then sneak in your own thoughtless comments. If you don’t know all the facts and are unaware of real life examples then don’t write about the issues! Your blog is so bias it’s as if you don’t think the government should do anything to try to help improve America’s education system. I can’t stand when people like you try to make political figures who actually try to make changes and better the state of our country. Why don’t you realize the reason we have to make so many changes is because of people who think like you and elected an ass whole 8 years ago who screwed up our entire country!

    Comment by Erica — January 21, 2009 @ 2:18 pm |Reply

  6. Erica: Let go the anger!

    Actually, your comment has absolutely changed my mind; I now wholeheartedly think that the government should improve the education system, specifically in the area of “English” and “grammar.”

    And, yes, blogs do tend to be biased—it’s the nature of blogs, you see. I never claimed to be a member of the “objective” media.

    Comment by lindyborer — January 21, 2009 @ 11:24 pm |Reply

  7. Hi Look I simply say I am a single mother who devotes all my free time teaching my kid everything I think he should know. When my son was 4 I went to numerous amounts of schools seeking a pre-school for my child. I thought this was a very important stage in my sons life where he could learn social skills and to learn to complete day to day tasks with out me. Too bad that they thought he was to SMART My son was denied pre-k becuase I taught him colors shapes numbers and other things. I fought for weeks and finally there was space. It was wonderful. I was at his school participating and my son exelled in every way. I loved being room mom. No one is ever going to take the title of mom away if you are there. I hope that all kids could experience pre-k the way my son did.He learned to love school in that class.I also go to school full time and work full time It was nice having an extra few hours to study. Now I am almost a chef and on my way to giving my son a brighter future

    Comment by Monica — January 27, 2009 @ 8:36 pm |Reply

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