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October 27, 2008

Worrying about Obama because of Obama

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An audio soundbyte of Barack Obama in a radio interview in 2001 has surfaced today.  No longer must we worry about Barack Obama because of his radical alliances.  Now, we must worry about Barack Obama because of Barack Obama. 

Due to this finding, which is all over the place by now, it is no longer possible to claim that Obama does not plan on turning this country of ours into a socialist one.  His socialist agenda can no longer be diminished.  If you can listen to this audio, and still claim that it’s irrelevant, a “distraction,” or not recognize the fact that this man holds the most radical disregard for our nation’s founding and our nation’s foundational document, the Constitution, then you do not posess logical reasoning capabilities, are delusional, or both. 

I repeat:  If you listen to this audio of Barack Obama, or read the transcript, and still plan on voting for him, then you must do so with the ready knowledge that you’re kissing the US as we know it goodbye.  Period.

Here is the complete transcript, with commentary by Bill Whittle.  It is a must-read.

If you want the audio, it can be found here

It takes very little time to tear down a house, and Barack Obama, if elected, will do just that.  If you are a lover of the Constitution, no matter your party affiliation, you must not cast your vote for Barack Obama.


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