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October 26, 2008

Sunday ramblings

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I come to you with icy cold fingers, hurriedly tapping away at the keyboard, hoping that the rapid movement will bring some feeling back to the purple-toned digits.  It’s cold.  In our house.  A mere 57 degrees.  I think it might have something to do with the 57 mile per hour north wind we’re experiencing today.  That, and the fact that the motor on our corn stove has burned out.  We have a large house—and three space heaters aren’t going to keep up on a day like today.  What?  The furnace?  Pilot light not lit yet.  And why go light it when we’ve been planning on starting up the corn stove today?  So, as David and I always joke when anything goes wrong, “That damn Bush!”  

I’m recovering from a weekend excursion alone with the kids to Omaha.  We had the privilege of attending the first ever “Itsy Bitsy Art Carnival,” located at David’s aunt Helen’s.  It was fun and there was everything imaginable to tempt a shopper, but I once again was only able to stay a short time, and I always feel like I really didn’t complete a coherent conversation with even one individual, due to the permanent placement of Eliza on my hip.  It was not until after we’d left the house that I discovered her runny nose, and the onset of a the first cold, hence her clinginess.

But, Linus had a fabulous time.  Staying at a hotel is one of the greatest things imaginable to him.  Add to that seven similarly aged cousins and a swimming pool, and it was a four-year-old’s paradise.  This did mean, of course, that I had to don the ole bathing suit in order for Eliza to get in.  Thus, my superior camera-sense was on high alert, and so I made doubly sure to submerge in rapid order should one appear.  Any mom knows that there is nothing less debilitating than the sight of white thigh that seems to take over an entire photo when caught at a bad angle.  I could teach a class on this.  I would call it “Avoiding the Digital Camera when in Bathing Suit.”

Hotels do mean less-than-great sleep, especially when sharing a bed with two wigglesome kids.  My offspring apparently posess the ability to levitate in their sleep and turn sideways, or closer to me, or any direction that means less room for me.  Not to mention the way-too-fluffy hotel pillow phenomenon that is seemingly occuring of late.  I feel rather like the Princess and the Pea, complaining about a pillow being too fluffy, but others have noticed this trend, too.  They’re too thick, and too slick.  My head was bent at what felt like a 90 degree angle, and once it was at somewhat of a comfortable spot, it slid off because it was so damn slick.  Yes, there’s such a thing as too luxurious.  

The night before we left for Omaha, we had our Halloween version of Bunco, and everyone dressed up for the occasion.  I went as a Japanese geisha, complete with kimono and obi.  I also caked on the white face makeup, and my complexion is paying dearly for the three hours of cover.  It was quite fun, though.  Something I’ve learned:  If you get the opportunity to shamelessly act like a kid, take it.  It takes your mind off of other things.

So, it’s been an eventful weekend, all told.  Aside from David’s run-in with the corn stove, the kids are napping and I’ve created a cocoon of warmth, with a blanket, a heater, a hot cup of coffee, and the laptop.  Things are pretty sweet for the moment. 

Okay, I’m holding back with all my might from talking politics in this post!  But, rest assured, I’ll resume at some point.  We’re getting down to the wire.  And I think there might be one thing that we ALL can agree on:  I can’t wait for the election to be over with.  Either way, I think I’ll be compelled to go to church and pray.  I made a dentist appointment on Election Day for myself.  I figure, what better way to get your mind of of things than submitting yourself to the dentist’s chair?


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