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October 20, 2008

double standards

 Have you noticed the collective cow the media has been having over the supposedly raucous crowds at McCain/Palin rallies?  We’ve heard “riot,” “racism,” “divisive,” (my favorite–it’s a political rally, people).  Remember the “kill him” allegations?  You know, the ones that were automatically taken for fact by the panting media and reported on incessantly for an entire week?  Newsweek debunked those rumors, on top of several other sources, and Obama knew they were false.  But he went ahead and mentioned it to 60 million viewers during the debate. 

By now, it’s readily apparent how the media reacts to anyone who doesn’t bow down and kiss the feet (or other unmentionable parts) of their candidate, BHO.  (i.e., Joe the plumber from Ohio.)  These crowd incidents are blown way out of proportion, the talking points are sent out, and then you and I are subjected to another one-sided media onslaught. 

Meanwhile, Sandra Bernhard can say that Palin would be gang-raped by black men….and she’s ignored.  John Stewart can say “%@#! You” to Sarah Palin, and he’s ignored.  Entire crowds of people with Bush Derangement Syndrome can burn Bush in effigy, and call him every name in the book, and we scarcely hear about it.  If you would like to get an idea of how objectionable much of Obama’s supporters have really been (and are continuing to be, unhampered) view this.  (Warning, filthy, filthy language that my mom would have remedied with not just soap, but Clorox.  Actually, my mom probably wouldn’t even know this word.)

But that’s only a drop in the bucket.  You want to see people truly “gripped by insane rage?” (Paul Krugman’s words)  Then you have to see this.  I warn you: the content is highly offensive.  But I feel it my duty to expose the hyprocrisy and ugliness that is the liberal left.  You can’t go much lower than making fun of a nursing mom.  Here are two of the “nicer” ones, that I feel like I can include visibly in this post:

But John McCain can say “That one,” about Barack Obama (2nd presidential debate), and he’s charged with being racist.  Sarah Palin can praise the patriotism of small towns, and Joe Biden smirks at her for her statement (that happens to be TRUE.)   Attention Joe:  Meet Anti-America America.  (I especially love the “Don’t let children register for selective service.  Hey, did you know Obama is in favor of girls registering for selective service?)

By the way, this is apparently what the liberal media calls “insane rage.”  Wait a minute, where are the expletives? 

It’s all very tiresome.  And the glaringly absent reporting of the true definition of “insane rage” by the media would almost be funny…if it weren’t so pathetic.


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